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To make it easy to see all that CBU’s Summer 2021 has to offer, we’ve prepared this list of courses for you. However, as we’ve all learned this year, things can change quickly so be sure to check out the Dynamic Course Schedule for all the latest info on courses, including formats (online, hybrid, in-person) and available spots.

June Term: June 5 – July 2

Course SubjectCourse NumberCourse NameInstructional Method
ART101Art AppreciationOnline
ART203Painting: Water-Based MediaOnline
BIOL111/111LPrinciples of Biology I & LabHybrid
BIOL217/217LHuman Anatomy & Physiology & LabHybrid
CHEM113/113LPrinciples of Chemistry I & LabOnline
CHEM211/211LOrganic Chemistry I & LabOnline
ECE221Electric Circuits Analysis IOnline
EDCI437Teaching Foreign Language, K-12Online
EDUC303Education as a ProfessionHybrid
EDUC331Survey: Exceptional LearnersOnline
EDUC405Curriculum and Methodology for Language Arts, Pre K-3Online
ENG111English Composition IOnline
ENG223American Lit to 1865Online
HSCI113/113LAnatomy & Physiology & LabHybrid
MATH131Calculus IHybrid
MATH 231Differential EquationsHybrid
ME210Mechanics of MaterialsHybrid
ME318Dynamics of MachinesHybrid
PHIL224 Theories of Human NatureOnline
PHIL322Medical EthicsOnline
PSYC105General PsychologyHybrid
PSYC440Cognitive PsychologyHybrid
RS217Old Testament: Hebrew ScriptureOnline
RS270World ReligionsOnline
SOC101Intro to SociologyOnline

July Term: July 3 – July 30

Course SubjectCourse NumberCourse NameInstructional Method
BIOL112/112LPrinciples of Biology II & LabHybrid
BIOL218/218LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II & LabHybrid
CHEM114/114LPrinciples of Chemistry II & LabOnline
CHEM212/212LOrganic Chemistry II & LabOnline
ECE222Electric Circuits Analysis IIOnline
EDCI434Teaching Science, 6-12Online
EDUC304The Effective and Reflective PractitionerHybrid
EDUC406Curriculum and Methodology for Language Arts,6-9Online
EDUC407Classroom Management and MethodsOnline
ENG112English Composition IIOnline
ENG211Intro to LiteratureOnline
ENG371Professional CommunicationsOnline
HSCI114/114LAnatomy & Physiology II & LabOnline
MATH103Fundamentals of AlgebraHybrid
MATH132Calculus IIHybrid
MATH 232Calculus IIIHybrid
PHIL322Medical EthicsOnline
PHYS150Physics I & LabIn-Person
POLS112American GovernmentOnline
PSYC218Human DevelopmentOnline
RS218New TestamentOnline

8-Week Term: June 5 – July 31

Course SubjectCourse NumberCourse NameInstructional Method
ACCT260Financial AccountingOnline
CHEM115/115LGeneral Chemistry & LabOnline
CJ380SPTP: Forensic CounselingOnline
CS400Internship Computer ScienceInternship
EDUC429Literacy Across the CurriculumOnline
EXCE451Family Consultation & SupportOnline
FIN455Practicum & Project in FinanceInternship
HIST108World History Since 1500Online
HSCI115/115LMicrobiology & LabOnline
MATH105Finite MathHybrid
ME305Engineering Thermodynamics IOnline
ME306Heat TransferOnline
MGMT227Foundations of ManagementOnline
MGMT430Ethical Decision Making in BusinessOnline
MIS153Intro to Computer Business ApplicationsOnline
MKTG311Principles of MarketingOnline
MKTG411Marketing Policy & StrategyOnline
NURS450Evidence Based Practice NursingOnline
PHIL201Intro to LogicOnline
PHIL224Theories of Human NatureOnline
PKG497ADTP: Packaging MachineryOnline
PSYC105General PsychologyHybrid
PSYC380SPTP: Forensic CounselingOnline
PSYC440Cognitive PsychologyHybrid
PSYC460Practicum in PsychologyOnline
RS270World ReligionsOnline
SPAN384SPTP: Spanish Linguistic Diversity USOnline
STAT221Elementary Business StatisticsOnline
STAT222Intermediate Business StatisticsOnline
THEA115Intro to TheatreOnline

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