Ever thought, “Ugh, it’s Monday”? Well, not anymore when you have Maurelian Mondays on your calendar. These weekly events scheduled throughout the Fall semester are hosted by Residence Life to address common first-year student needs. And even better, they’re in the Maurelian Lounge so if you’re lucky enough to live in this residence hall, you just have to come downstairs for a bit of learning and a whole lot of fun.

Maurelian Mondays play nicely with everything you’ll experience in Orientation, CBU 101, and all the other new experiences you’ll have with life on campus. Come join us for the Time Management Challenge which just may teach you how to get A’s without pulling all-nighters or even how to fit in some time for video games after you finish that novel for English class. Or come out for the Roommate Game where you’ll learn how to bond with your roomie, no matter what weird habits they may have.

Attendance is optional for first-year students, but c’mon, what else are you going to do on Monday nights?

For more information about Maurelian Monday contact Scott Baietti, Associate Director of Residence Life, at (901) 321-3565 or sbaietti@cbu.edu.