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International Student Services

Throughout its more than 140-year history, Christian Brothers University has opened its doors to students from all walks of life. The University has an international student population that represents students from more than two dozen countries. The diversity that these students bring to the campus community extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Unlike American students, international students are faced with the task of learning to adjust to a new country. This adjustment process can begin as early as getting off the plane. Many programs are implemented on campus to assist international students with adjusting to their new environment, some of which are advice on immigration matters, employment issues, taxation, academic policies, cultural adjustment, and other pertinent issues. CBU offers assistance with USCIS (formerly the INS) procedures, particularly for visa status maintenance and employment options.

In addition, the International Student Office works with a variety of cultural clubs to raise the level of awareness of other cultures on campus, promote friendships between international students, as well as with American students, and provide support and appreciation for the international student community at CBU.

We welcome you to CBU! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Karen Barnett (PDSO)
Dean of Students/Immigration Matters
(901) 321-3536

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