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Lab Research

Current Areas of Research

Attention and Distractibility: In much of our recent research, we have explored attentional competition and distractibility. Participants engage in visual tasks that vary in difficulty or emotional content, and we examine their brain responses to distractor tones played in the background. We are finding that differences in the task increase or decrease the degree to which people are distracted by the background tones.

Memory and Emotion: In collaboration with Dr. Rod Vogl, we are looking for patterns of brain activity that may be related to how people react emotionally to personal memories.

Posters and Talks on Research from the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

CBU students and alumni are in bold. Presenters are designated with *.

Only presentations at national or international conferences are listed here. Students also have made many presentations locally and regionally. Please feel free to contact us about any of this work.

Poster Presentations and Published Abstracts: