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Lab Resources

The Behavioral Sciences Laboratory at CBU is in the new Rosa Deal School of Arts Building. The lab space includes a central “control” room, with four smaller, adjacent rooms where participants or small groups can participate in research studies. The lab contains equipment and software to support student engagement in education and research: 

Biopac Science Laboratory (BSL) systems

Each 4-channel Biopac MP36 unit is capable of recording many different physiological signals (e.g., EEG, EMG, EKG, EDA, PPG, respiration). We also have a Cedrus StimTracker, which can be coupled with one of the three systems to provide automated timing information (e.g., about the presentation of stimuli and/or participant responses). This can simplify data acquisition and analysis and it gives us precise timing information that is necessary for measuring activity like ERPs. 

Brain Vision actiCHamp system

In 2014, we received an award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a 64-channel EEG system. This system records brain activity from the whole head using electrodes mounted in elastic caps. The system also can record simultaneously from 8 additional channels, through which we can measure several different types of activity (e.g., EMG, EKG, EDA). This system is also paired with a Cedrus StimTracker to provide precise timing information.

Cedrus SuperLab

SuperLab is a user-friendly program for presenting stimuli and recording participant responses. It also can send timing information to the StimTrackers. SuperLab can be used on its own or in combination with the psychophysiology systems. We have several SuperLab licenses.


CBU has a site license for MATLAB, which is a powerful and widely used programming platform. It is used for many things, from creating stimuli to analyzing data.