LANCE Memphis

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LANCE Memphis

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Welcome to the Lasallian Association of New Catholic Educators!

LANCE is a two-year service program fashioned after the lives of the Christian Brothers.  LANCE participants serve the underprivileged and at-risk youth of Memphis through teaching in the Catholic Schools.  Following in the footsteps of the Christian Brothers, our LANCE teachers support each other and grow in their faith through community living during their two years of service. The program is built upon the three pillars of professional development, community and spirituality. This program is administered in conjunction with the University Consortium for Catholic Education (UCCE).

Through education and mentoring, the program offers its participants the opportunity to experience teaching as a lifelong expression of Christian commitment and service to others. In addition, it offers the Catholic school systems teachers who have matured in their own spirituality through prayer, religious retreats and association with the de La Salle Christian Brothers, that is, Catholic teachers who are trained to touch the hearts of those students entrusted to their care.  


In the tradition of the Christian Brothers, LANCE emphasizes core Lasallian values in its own program mission:

  • Educating the poor and underserved through inspired and excellent teaching;
  • Ensuring caring, individualized attention to each student as a whole person; 
  • Regarding teaching as a corporate and communal exercise; and
  • Contributing to the compassion and justice-seeking of each school in which one teaches.


History of LANCE in Memphis

LANCE was established in 2003 in partnership with the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) located at the University of Notre Dame, IN and is a member of the University Consortium of Catholic Educators (UCCE).

To carry out its core teaching mission, LANCE recruits talented graduates from a number of colleges throughout the country.  LANCE teachers represent a variety of undergraduate disciplines, with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. LANCE provides an intensive two-year service experience encompassing professional development, community life, and spiritual growth.  These three components are at the heart of the LANCE initiative. LANCE aims to provide excellence in education and to maximize opportunities for its participants’ personal and professional growth.