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Liberal Studies (BA) with Teacher Licensure K-5

If teaching is your passion, a BA in liberal studies is a great choice. Through our interdisciplinary learning approach, you will receive a well-rounded, diversified education that will prepare you for initial teacher licensure.

Program Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary learning that encourages intellectual growth and critical thinking
  • Courses in humanities, arts, sciences, and education
  • Initial teacher licensure

What You’ll Study

The liberal studies major requires 133 credit hours:

  • 34 credits: General education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 36 credits: Liberal arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 50 credits: Major requirements
  • 13 credits: Student teaching

The CBU catalog (PDF) will give you a list of specific courses.

Education Faculty

Education faculty be mentors as well as teachers. They want you to succeed and will provide the attention and support you need.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in liberal studies, you will be well-prepared to teach K-5 students. You can also find a career in business, government, or social service agencies like adult and family services, criminal justice, and health and welfare.

Clubs and Organizations

As a member of The Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA), you will have an edge during the crucial first five years in the classroom. One of the nation's largest state affiliates for students preparing to teach, STEA will add to your formal education by providing life lessons about salaries, contracts, competency testing, evaluation, discipline, certification requirements. For more information, visit


Christian Brothers University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the State Department of Education of Tennessee as a Teacher Training Institution. CBU is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association and the Tennessee Association of Colleges.

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