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Credo InfoLit Modules - New Faculty Resource

Plough Library now has a suite of information literacy e-learning modules called Credo InfoLit Modules. Created by educators and librarians, Credo InfoLit Modules are ideal for supplementing existing lessons, for “one-shot” instructional sessions, and for addressing gaps in classroom or online teaching.

The modules cover six topics:

  1. Getting Started with Research
  2. Sources of Information
  3. Searching for Information
  4. Evaluating Information
  5. Presenting Research and Data
  6. Citations and Academic Integrity

Each of the six modules includes a variety of activities (tutorials, videos, and quizzes) that faculty can assign in an a la carte fashion. With over sixty activities to choose from, faculty are free to assign as many or few activities as you like, in any particular order.

See the Faculty Guide for simple instructions on how to implement Credo InfoLit Modules within your courses. Faculty can either add activities directly into Moodle courses or link to them outside of Moodle. In order to easily track quiz scores, we recommend linking to quizzes within Moodle.
Posted by Deborah Babb at 10:00 AM