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Life After CBU

As a student in the Catholic Studies program at CBU you engage in a systematic and critical exploration of Catholic theology. We are confident that you will gain a solid theological foundation:

  • A Broad Historical Framework for Theological Study
    Students will gain a basic understanding of the two thousand year old Catholic intellectual, spiritual, and moral tradition as a foundation for Catholic theological study.
  • Critical Appreciation of Theological Debates within Catholicism
    Students will understand and be able to critically examine contemporary theological issues within Catholicism in relation to a variety of key theological areas of study.
  • Understanding of Catholicism in Relation to Society
    Students will gain an understanding of Catholic moral teaching and Catholic Social Teaching and the analytical tools necessary to respond to economic, social, cultural, and religious injustice.
  • Ecumenical and Cross-Cultural Understanding
    Students will understand the distinctiveness of the Catholic theological tradition and ecclesiological structure, along with the relation of Catholicism to other religious traditions and cultures, past and present.
  • Understanding of the Catholic Reading of Scripture
    Students will understand the Catholic Church's approach to studying the Bible. Students will have a better knowledge of the content and theological message(s) of Sacred Scripture, and they will be able to perform exegesis on biblical texts.

Your Catholic Studies education prepares you for service to the Church and the larger society.