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The Rosa DealSchool of Arts

Literature & Languages

The study of literature, written expression, and language is always evolving to address the texts and rhetoric we find in the world around us. Therefore, the field of English is expansive, ranging from the study of major literary works to contemporary digital texts and to the processes and practices of composing texts.

Based on the variety of our majors and CBU's competitive net price, we were ranked as a "Best Value Small College for an English Degree" for 2016-17.

As a department that serves all of CBU’s students, we offer a student-centered learning environment with courses in composition, literature, creative writing, rhetoric, and foreign language.

We aim to help students develop their creative and critical thinking as well as their written and oral communication skills. Moreover, our courses invite students to reflect on the meaning of being human, the world, and culture through the study of literature, rhetoric, language, and other cultural artifacts.

Our degree programs emphasize a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experiences, and all student have the opportunity to complete internships as part of their education.

Graduates go on to graduate programs in English and education, law school, and a range of careers, from public relations to journalism.

See our Areas of Study to learn more about our majors in EnglishCreative WritingEnglish for Corporate Communication (ECC), and English Education. We also offer minors in Creative WritingEnglishFrench, and Spanish

If you are interested in studying English, Creative Writing, or ECC at CBU, come see us or contact our Department Chair, Dr. Karen Golightly. A bachelor’s degree will open many doors to you, and the world will never stop needing people who write and communicate well, who think outside the box, and who can create.