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Master of Accountancy


The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree at Christian Brothers University offers students the opportunity to develop practical skills in addition to in-depth knowledge of current topics and trends in accounting. Students in the Master of Accountancy program will be prepared for professions in public, industrial, managerial, tax and governmental accounting.

The CBU MAcc degree can be completed in an intensive 10-month program or at a slower pace allowing up to five years to complete. The MAcc degree offers students the option of selecting one of two concentrations: Forensic Accounting and Financial Management.

Entering students need to have demonstrated strong academic performance in prior university studies. Students must have successfully completed introductory courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, intermediate accounting, tax and audit from an accredited college or university. Many students are admitted to the program before these requirements are met. Any additional prerequisite requirements will be determined on an individual basis, as some students may need to develop core competencies prior to the start of the program.

Forensic Accounting Concentration: The forensic concentration is one of a select few on-campus programs in the nation. This degree plan offers courses in information technology that focus on identifying, correcting and preventing fraud. Students will learn how to perform fraud audits and how to effectively search and organize data to aid in the audit process. In addition, students will learn the legal and compliance requirements for forensic audits.

Financial Management Concentration: This degree plan offers courses in cost accounting and management incentives. Students will learn industry specific accounting techniques in addition to methods to motivate management without encouraging financial statement manipulation. In addition, students will learn how to make decisions that will give their company a strategic advantage.

MAcc Curriculum at a Glance

Core Classes for the Fall Semester

  • Tax and Business Strategy
  • International Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting

Forensic Accounting Courses

  • Information Security
  • IT Audit and Control

Financial Management Courses

  • Financial Information Systems
  • Strategic Competitive Advantage

Core Classes for the Spring Semester

  • IFRS Regulations and Research
  • Governmental and Non-profit Accounting
  • Asset Valuation and Business Strategy
  • Internship / CPA Review Course

Forensic Accounting Courses

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Security Compliance Auditing

Financial Management Courses

  • Effective Financial Initiatives
  • Initiatives in Specialized Industries

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Please view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.


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