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Master of Education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program is designed to provide advanced professional development for classroom teachers who are already licensed or who do not wish to pursue licensure. The M.Ed. program is also appropriate for others in the field of education, e.g., community educators, professional staff and administrators at area community colleges, and trainers/developers in corporate or non-profit settings.

The M.Ed. degree, considered an advanced degree program, is available in multiple tracks:

  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Teacher Leadership

The M.Ed. also offers the Reading Specialist concentration as a licensure add-on.

Admission Requirements

  • Clarify your goal: if you want to stay in the classroom, the Master of Education degree is the way to go; if you are planning to go into administration, you will want to explore the M.S. in Educational Leadership.
  • Obtain the right admissions packet for your goal. Call the Education office at (901) 321-4350 if you have questions.
  • Copy of your background check within the last year or to have your fingerprints taken, contact IdentoGO services at www.identogo.com. Select NonDCS Child Care/Adoption Providers as the Agency and Child-Related Worker (Private) as the Applicant Type. Provide CBU’s ORI# TNCC79123. Once you are fingerprinted, the information will be sent to TAPS and CBU should receive a full report in about one week. 
    Note: If you have already undergone this process (for example, for hire within Shelby County Schools), you must undergo the fingerprinting process again. An additional fee will be charged. 
  • If you are a fully licensed teacher already, you do not have further testing to do. If you have less than a 2.75 undergraduate GPA and are not a fully licensed teacher, you must complete the GRE and obtain a minimum score of: Verbal 143, Quantitative 138, & Writing 3.5. Scores older than 5 years will not be accepted

To Apply

A complete application consists of the following:

  • $35.00 Application Fee     Pay Online Now
  • Official Transcripts (with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 minimum)
  • M.Ed. Online Application
  • Please be prepared to upload the following information as you complete the online application:
    • Copy of Teaching License
    • Essays:  Essay should include: 1. Philosophy of Teaching essay (1-2 pages). Some suggested topics include (you do not need to address all of these):
      • Challenges facing today’s schools
      • The qualities that characterize excellence in teaching
      • The role of the teacher in today’s society
      • What constitutes effective teaching
      • How children and young people learn best
      • The kind of curriculum that is important in the 21st century
      • The educational needs of today’s students
      • The role of learning in the life of a person
      • The purpose of schooling in society
    • Letters of recommendation: As part of the application, you will be asked to provide email addresses of individuals to contact regarding recommendations. Please select two of the following:
      • Spiritual Mentor
      • Professor/Faculty Member
      • Employer or supervisor (work or volunteer experience)
      • Peer (roommate, friend but NOT a family member)


After a successful review of the application, you will be invited for an interview with the Graduate Education Admissions Committee.

International Student Information

For Immigration Matters:
Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)
Karen Conway, Dean of Students — Rozier Center, kconway@cbu.edu, (901) 321-3536

All international students must read the PDSO/Dean of Student’s page, Immigration Matters

Please also see the International Student Information sheet for more information.

If you have any questions about the MEd program, please contact the Education Department at GraduateEducation@cbu.edu or at (901) 321-4350.