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Math Placement Tests (day students)

Math Placement Test for Day Students Information 

Each of the mathematics courses of Finite Math (Math 105) and Precalculus (Math 117) has an algebra prerequisite. To satisfy this prerequisite your options are to:
• take Basic Algebra (Algebra 115 or 120)
• have transfer credit for Basic Algebra
• pass an on-line departmental placement exam in algebra or
• have a sufficiently high score on the Math ACT test. 

Test in Moodle
• The on-line test requires registration for a course called Math Placement. The course uses Moodle software. Some details follow.
• The course contains tests for placement in Algebra (Math 103), Finite Math (Math 105), Precalculus (Math 117 or 129) and Calculus (Math 131).
• The course contains a practice test that you can take as often as you like.
• You can take the practice test wherever you have access to the web.
• You can not use a calculator on the test.
• The test consists of 25 problems.
• You must complete the test in 50 minutes.
• The software grades your test once you complete it.
• A passing score on each test is 18.
• The actual test is similar to the practice test.
• You can take the actual test at most 4 times.
• You must take the actual test in the Math Center located in Cooper Wilson 321.
• You must contact a faculty member of the Math Department who will enter the password needed to take the actual test.
• Once you pass the test, contact the chair of the Mathematics Department for information in registering for the appropriate math course.

Math 103 Algebra 
If you are a student with a low math ACT score, then you must take ALG 120 or pass a placement test in arithmetic to qualify for Math 103.
The topics for the algebra test come from a high school course in algebra. Particular topics are arithmetic operations on integers, arithmetic operations on fractions, operations with algebraic expressions, geometry, ratios and percents. linear equations, linear inequalities, fractional equations, graph. 

Math 105 Finite Math
Particular topics are: factoring, exponents, radicals, ratios and percents. linear equations, linear inequalities, fractional equations, geometry, graphs, distance. 

Math 107 & 110, 117, and 129 Precalculus
The placement test called Precalculus determines whether you are ready for a college course in precalculus.
The topics for the precalculus test for Math 117 or Math 129 come from high school courses in algebra. Particular topics are arithmetic operations on numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, absolute value, factoring, exponents, radicals, ratios and percents, linear equations, linear inequalities, systems of linear equations, graphing, distance, fractional equations, quadratic equations 

Math 131 Calculus
The placement test called Calculus for Math 131 determines whether you are ready for a college course in calculus.
The topics for the calculus test come from high school courses in algebra and trigonometry. Particular topics are geometry, measurement, graphs, functions, word problems, modeling, numerical estimation, factoring. exponential functions, exponents, logarithms, equations, inequalities, absolute value, trigonometry, 

To register for a course called Math Placement on CBU's Moodle server requires the use of your CBU email name assigned by Information Technology Services. Please follow these instructions. Access direct registration for a placement course on the server at
1.  Enter your Username and Password. Press the Login button. A typical username begins with the first letter of your first name followed by your last name or the first seven letters of your last name. Each of these letters is lower case. You control your password.
2.  In Moodle select the Advising link in Course Categories.
3.  From the list of Courses, select Math Placement.
4.  When Moodle asks if you wish to enroll in the course, select the Yes button.
5.  Moodle should then display Math Placement in your list of courses.