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Multimedia Requests

Equipment Available
  • Microphones
  • LCD projectors
  • Podiums
  • Screens
  • Sound System

All classrooms come equipped with an overhead projector and projection screen for transparencies. Most classrooms are equipped with LCD projector, screen, PC, DVD/CD player.

Videos and other instructional media are available for check out in the Library.
Lending Policies
  • Multimedia equipment is available to faculty, staff, and student organizations for educational or related activities. Student organizations must have a faculty or staff sponsor to reserve equipment.
  • Requests for the use of the equipment are granted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Repeat reservations, such as weekly class meetings, should be scheduled at the beginning of each semester.
  • Requests for equipment must be made at least five (5) business days in advance. Requests for equipment made with less than five (5) business days lead-time will be honored if possible, but long-standing requests have priority.
  • Multimedia equipment is available for use only on CBU property and is not available for off campus rental/reserve.
Multimedia Technician Support/Fees

When multimedia is reserved for the following rooms or services, a technician is required to operate the equipment. Technician fees are $25 per hour with a minimum of $100 per day for all multimedia-assisted reservations.

  • Spain Auditorium (Buckman Hall)
  • Montesi Conference Room (Buckman Hall)
  • University Theater
  • Conference/meetings
  • Video taping of event (limited availability for internal-campus requests only)
  • Setup of equipment or use of above rooms outside of normal business for internal-campus requests

Multimedia Technician Fees (specialty or general, external or internal, requests not listed above):
$25 per hour with a minimum of $100 per day for all technician assisted reservations

Equipment Rental Fees
Cordless Microphone $200.00
DVD Player $100.00
Extension Cord (25’) $5.00
Gateway Destination System $150.00
Guitar XLR/ 1/4" Cord $10.00
Laptop Computer $400.00
Lavaliere Microphone $200.00
Microphone $25.00
Microphone Cord $10.00
Microphone Stand $10.00
Mixer/Amp $200.00
Overhead Projector $300.00
Podium $30.00
Portable PA System $300.00
Portable Sound System $150.00
Sound Lectern w/ additional microphone $50.00
Tripod Screen $15.00
Video Camera & Tripod $75.00
Video/Data Projector $100.00
VGA Cord $10.00



NOTE: These fees do not apply to academic or administrative campus events/activities.

Limited Video Services

These services are only available for Internal Campus requests by academic and administrative departments.

  • DVD of taped event (one original): $10.00 (extras $5.00)
  • VHS to DVD (internal academic only) per DVD: $5.00