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The purpose of the Christian Brothers University Collegiate Chapter of the NAACP is to inform youth of the problems affecting minority groups, to advance the economic, educational, social and political status of minority groups and their harmonious cooperation with other peoples, to stimulate an appreciation for all culture; and to develop a progressive intelligent youth leadership.

Christian Brothers University (CBU) made history among Lasallian institutions by becoming the first to incorporate a student chapter of the NAACP on September 4, 2014. 

The NAACP, which is the common abbreviation for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the nation. It is comprised of more than a half-million members and over 2,000 local units throughout the country.

“We began this process last September, and we received approval from the national chapter of the NAACP in July. I am extremely excited about everything coming together,” said chapter president Taylor Flake, a sophomore history major at CBU. “It is our mission to keep our Lasallian values first and foremost as we actively and effectively advocate for social justice within both our CBU community and the greater Memphis community.”

CBU is pleased and excited to have a chapter of the NAACP on campus. “It is a joy to see young student leaders embrace the tradition and diversity of this organization by implementing a chapter on the campus of Christian Brothers University,” said Karen Conway-Barnett, dean of students and advisor to campus multicultural organizations. “Through this organization, CBU students from all walks of life work together to continue the struggle for seeking social justice for all Americans, a cause which embodies the Lasallian mission.”

CBU was founded in 1871 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, a Catholic teaching order founded by Saint John Baptist De La Salle. This community of educators dedicates their lives to provide Christian education to young people, especially the poor. Tim Doyle, associate vice president for student life, said that the history of Lasallian education and the mission of NAACP are closely related. “Lasallian Catholic institutions have a proud history of promoting and supporting social justice movements, and CBU embraces that tradition. Our diverse, deeply integrated student body is a tangible reminder of our all-embracing and universal mission to educate the minds and touch the hearts of all willing people. Our student organizations should and do reflect that.”