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For Preceptors

The CBU PA program is a full-time, 29-month course of study consisting of 15 months of classroom instruction followed by 14 months in clinical rotations. The students are exposed to clinical experiences during the didactic-phase of training and are then required to complete six-week clinical rotations in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Behavioral Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Women's Health and one elective of choice. Students have the option to complete their elective at a core rotation site, which can result in 12 weeks of training at your site.

If you are a licensed and certified MD, DO, or PA, or if you are certified in another healthcare profession, and you enjoy giving back to healthcare and teaching, we welcome the opportunity to have you as part of our team. Your partnership with our Physician Assistant (PA) Program is invaluable; it creates benefits for the community, the students, you, your practice, your facility, the PA program, and the university, helping to meet future healthcare needs.

See the AAPA's What Is a PA? (PDF) for a description of who PAs are.

Benefits of Being a Preceptor

Being a preceptor offers you the opportunity for professional and personal development while mentoring PA students. Preceptors typically describe their experiences as rewarding because they get to teach eager students and give back to their profession. Additional benefits range from faculty appointments to free parking for Liberty Bowel events.

Clinical Adjunct Faculty Appointments

As a preceptor, you may request status as an adjunct clinical faculty member at CBU. Depending on your years of experience and your involvement with PA program students, you may apply for the rank of:

  • Clinical Adjunct Instructor
  • Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Clinical Adjunct Professor

A full list of preceptor benefits and information on how to request faculty appointments are available upon request.

How to Become a Preceptor

If you are ready to become a preceptor, complete the availability and preference form. The Clinical Site Development Manager will then follow up with you. Rotation dates can be found on the availability and preference form.

For More Information

For more information, contact La'Tosha Brown, Interim Director of Clinical Education, by email at or phone at (901) 321-3272.