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Parents FAQ

As you prepare to send off your child to college, we know you have many questions–where, when, how, why and the big one, how much. The Q&A below attempts to answer many of these questions but we also want to encourage you to feel free and get in touch if any of your concerns remain unaddressed. 


What Academic Programs are offered?
CBU offers many academically rigorous undergraduate programs in liberal arts, business, engineering, the sciences and teacher education. Many of our students choose to pursue interdisciplinary degrees that merge seemingly incompatible academic areas and provide our students with degrees that not only help them find good jobs but keep them excited about learning for life. Click to learn more about Academics at CBU

Does my child need to be decided on a major prior to applying? 
No. In the spirit of a good liberal arts education, we encourage our students to use their time at CBU to explore their various interests prior to settling on a major. Professors and academic advisors are also always available for help, guidance and support as each students decides on a major. 

What is the student-professor ratio?

What sort of computer does my child need?
Whether you're considering purchasing a new Microsoft Windows system or a new Mac, either will generally provide sufficient performance within the CBU environment. We recommend purchasing a system with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent AMD product, at least 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive. When running Windows Vista or Mac OS X, a video card with at least 128MB of memory is highly recommended. Computer Labs are available on campus for students who prefer not to bring their own computer. 

Are the faculty focused on working with the students or are they primarily invested in their own research?
Even though CBU faculty members continue to develop their own academic research projects, the University has a long-standing reputation for teaching excellence. Our low student to faculty ratio ensures that all our students learn in a comfortable and intimate environment and many take advantage of various opportunities to work and collaborate with their professors.

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Do you provide financial assistance?
Yes! CBU understands the importance of an education that is a good value for students and their parents. 96% of CBU students received financial aid of some kind, and there are many options for need-based, faith-based, minority and merit scholarships. Talk to your Admissions Counselor or contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more details.

What types of financial assistance are available?
CBU students can apply for loans, grants, scholarships and work-study to help offset the cost of their CBU education. For details about each type of assistance please take a look at the information compiled by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

How does one apply for financial assistance?
You must be admitted to the University before receiving a scholarship or financial aid award. After you have been notified of your admission to CBU, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Offers of financial aid are sent on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are considered for maximum funding if FAFSA is received by March 1. For details regarding the process of applying for financial assistance please take a look at the information compiled by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

I have some questions about financial assistance. Who can help me?
Your Admissions Counselor is your main point of contact about anything and everything concerning your application to CBU. If they are unsure about the specifics of your concern, they will either do further research to find out or put you in touch with an appropriate contact. Questions about financial assistance can also be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

What scholarship opportunities are there?
Students applying for admission to CBU have access to CBU, state and private scholarships. For a detailed listing and descriptions of scholarship opportunities please take a look at the information compiled by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

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What is the atmosphere on campus like? How does it feel?
While we are located in the middle of bustling Midtown Memphis, the CBU campus is a safe, close-knit, caring community of dedicated professionals and earnest students of many backgrounds and faiths. In a word, it feels like "home" — with meals like mom used to make, friends right down the hall and professors who are there for you. Don't take our word for it; visit campus and see for yourself.

Who is there if my child needs help?
At CBU the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health and well-being of every student is taken very seriously. As a community that cares, not just about how you learn, but also how you grow and succeed, there are many resources available for those who need a little extra help, regardless of what kind of assistance you might need. 

Learn more about Campus Life at CBU

What does Lasallian mean?
CBU traces its origins to Saint John Baptist de La Salle. He was a priest and educational innovator who began a new system of Christian Schools in which teachers assisted parents in the educational, ethical and religious formation of their children. Being "Lasallian" means different things to different people, but here at CBU, it means an emphasis on faith, service and community. 

Learn more about the Lasallian tradition. 

Who are the Christian Brothers?
The Christian Brothers at CBU pass on a tradition handed down from Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron saint of teachers in the Roman Catholic church. They live in community and support one another and their associates in fulfilling the Church's apostolic mission of service through education. While teaching is their central activity, Brothers and their colleagues work as administrators, staff, counselors, and advisors. It is this collective contribution from everyone that keeps the spirit of faith and zeal alive.

Is CBU co-educational?

Where can I learn more about CBU dorms and dining halls? 
CBU is committed to providing comfortable, pleasant and convenient residence halls and meal plan opportunities for our students. We encourage to familiarize yourself with the Campus Housing and Food Services sections of our website and contact your Admissions Counselor if you have any further questions.

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What kinds of jobs do your graduates get upon graduation?
At Commencement, more than 80% of those crossing the stage already have jobs or placement in graduate schools like Yale, Vanderbilt and Purdue University. CBU students make a real difference in the world as business executives, teachers, politicians, engineers and health care professionals, just to name a few. They work at innovative, high-profile organizations such as Hewlett Packard, FedEx, Medtronic, Dow Chemical, Cummins Inc., International Paper, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Smith & Nephew and the Army Corps of Engineers. Visit the CBU Career Services Page for more information.

What percentage of your students are employed after graduation?
93.17% of the Class of 2011 are employed or attending graduate school.

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How does one begin the admission process?
The first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with the information available here on Admissions site and also on the main CBU site. Pay special attention to the Application and Financial Aid sections. You can then begin to prepare your application and supporting materials. We also encourage you to contact the Admissions office! Our Admissions Counselors would be happy to assist you through the admissions and financial aid process.

What are your admission requirements for homeschooled students?
Homeschooled students interested in applying for admission to CBU should have an academic record that reflects a college-bound curriculum and students must meet state requirements for high school graduation. Check with your state's Department of Education to ensure you meet credit requirements for graduation. Please take a look at the complete requirements and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about any portion of the application.

What are your admission requirements for transfer students?
Transfer students have unique needs and unique questions. To make sure you getting information that is pertinent to your particular circumstances, please take a look at the Transfer Student section and be sure to contact us as soon as you get a chance so that we can help you through the transfer process. 

Do you admit international students? What is the process?
Yes. We love our international students. In addition to submitting an application, international students are required to submit official TOEFL and ACT or SAT scores. You are also required to submit a Declaration of Finances and Certification of Support form. Please take a look at the complete requirements and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about any portion of the application.

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