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Past Exhibitions

Katie Maish: Labor
Metal Museum: Forge Cast Fabricate
Paula Kovarik: Stitched Dissent
Metal Museum: Forge, Cast, Fabricate

Katie Maish: Labor
Metal Museum: Forge Cast Fabricate
Just Seeds/CultureStrike: Migration Now Poster Show
Vanessa Gonzalez: Mi Casa es Your House
BFA Exhibition (Erin McInnes, Darien Parsons, Katherine Traylor)
Art Therapy Student Exhibition
Justin Bowles: Temple of the Cha-Cha-Hua
Melissa Wilkinson: Copia
Mark Schoon & Casey McGuire: The Great Moon Hoax
Ry McCullough & Nick Satinover: small_bars: 
Natalie Tyree: #millennialproblems

Niles Wallace: The Sunny Side
Metal Museum: Forge Cast Fabricate
Claudia Tullos-Leonard: Looking at the World
Mid-South Woodturners Guild: Riding the Bevel
Cindy McMillion: Connecting Memphis
Katie Hargrave: It’s nothing personal
Gustavo Plascencia: Earth Ruminations
Roger Allan Cleaves: Ground Breaking
Alumni Show (Michelle Fair, Lauren Jeu, 
Servando Mireles, Desiree Mitchell, 
Ray Pagni, and Yancy Villa-Calvo)

Sisavanh Phouthavong & Nelson Gutierrez: 
The Death of Fear

Kate Vogel and John Littleton: Studio Glass
Memphis Camera Club: Life on the Mississippi
Terry Kenney: Home/Away From Home
Chuck Johnson: Signals
Jimmy Crosthwait: Forgotten Fables & Footlong Fractals
Tom Murray: Noumenon and Beyond

Jennifer Sargent: Interwoven
Jim Crews: A Retrospective
Agnes Gordon Stark: The Call of the Clay
Rollin M. Kocsis: 50 Years & Counting…
Cory Dugan: Hapax Legomena
Paul Clarke: Seeking Salvation
Rebecca Horton: Abstract Thoughts
Metal Museum: Forge Cast Fabricate

Jan Singer: Glass
Bartlett Art Association
Christie Moody: Fluidity 
Nick Peña: Crosscut
Annabelle Meacham: Tacos or Sushi?

Kris Pelczar: Beauty of Nature & Inspired Artwork
Rick Barnard: Visions of Nature
Memphis Camera Club: Face It Memphis!
Sue S. Miller: Creative Fire

Mid-South Woodturners Guild
Memphis/Germantown Art League
Memphis Camera Club
Carroll Cloar: Crossing Place
Phyllis Boger & Constance Grayson: Fabricated Fiori 
Four Women for Art's Sake: Sharon Grinspan,
Veronica Tronolone, Pamela Kelso Craig, Virginia Schoenster

Sam Nichols: Ode to Lonerock
Memphis Camera Club: A Walk Through History
Ellen McGowan: Nearing Ninety
Gopal Murti: From Science to Art

Brian Taylor: Translated Landscapes
Julia Baker Bell
Selections from the Metal Museum
Saj Crone: Sylvan Joy 
Nancy White: Preserve & Protect

Phyllis Boger & Constance Grayson: Raw Silk
Shane Fero: flame/flight/philosophy
Memphis Camera Club: Places We Worship
Gregory Zeorlin: A Sense of Timing
CBU Faculty Exhibition:
Pam Hassler, Nick Peña, and Jana B. Travis

Samuel Nichols: A Window to the West
Nancy Wellington Bookhart: The Lost Scrolls of Poverty
Martha Kelly & Elmore Holmes: paper & wood
Artists' Link: Goes Green

Roger Clayton: Notes on a Fine Day
Memphis Camera Club: Places We've Been
A.L. Aydelott: Now & Then
Lurlynn Franklin: cross words/qwik chik fixe$
Bryan Blankenship: Hindsight 20/20

Jana Travis: New Paintings
Murray Riss: Painted Portraits
Marjorie Liebman: Once Again
Mid-South Woodturner's Guild
Kelly Buntin Johnson: Tangible Meditation

Ellen McGowan: New Work
Guy Cobb: Art for the Blind & Sighted
Gary Beecham: Studies in Color and Form
Pamela Kelso Craig: Moments in Time

Kathryn Jill Johnson: What Happened Here?  
Janna Bernstein: Common Threads
Ron Herd (aka R2C2H2): In the Black
National League of American Pen Women
Memphis Architecture in Black & White
Artists' Link: IMAGES


Dorothy Sachritz
Fred Burton: Travelogue
Baucum Pottery
Gregory Zeorlin
Christine Conley: Details

Remy Miller: Drawings
Potters' Guild and Weavers Guild
Elizabeth Alley: Something Old, Something New
Burton Callicott: The Light Within
Judith Dierkes: Off the Wall

Sophie Coors
Peter Songhen
Judith McWillie
Jack Grue
American Art Pottery
Richard Reep: Arboretum

Nancy White: Recent Ground Works
Blanche D. Schwartz
Carroll Cloar: Crossroads
Annabelle Meacham: Transitions 
Memphis Camera Club: Winners Circle 2000-2001
Memphis Camera Club: Eclectic Express

The Mary Solari Collection
Seven New Memphis Artists
George Hardin: Beale Street Today and Yesterday
Chick Huettel
The Best of Tennessee Crafts
Pietro Belluschi: The Late Churches
Memphis Camera Club: The Craft of Photo Illustration
Memphis Camera Club: Monochrome Resistance

Mahaffey White: Light and Shadow
Everett Charles Yates
Richard Ritter: Studio Glass
Roy Tamboli, Carol Buchman, & Morris Buchman: 
A Family Affair

Richard Jolley & Tommie Rush: Contemporary Glass
Marie Vianney Hamilton: Toward a New Earth
Helen and Howard Kaltenborn Art Glass Exhibition
Robert Neitzke: Food for Thought 
Lee West
Balpha Noojin: Icons
Sallie Boyd Dillard, 1915-1988

Patrick Foley
Gregory Zeorlin: Past and Present
The Bell Women: A Family Legacy
Jimmy Crosthwait: The Bead Game
Judith Beale

John O'Brien: Victorian Art
Marjorie Liebman
Bert Sharpe
The 125th Anniversary of CBU
Mimi and Katie Dann
Hal Miller: Photography
Rescuers of the Holocaust
Ivan Mestrovic: Drawings
Sara Good

Jana Bernstein: Drawings and Weavings
John J. Higgins Book Collection
Rena Durr
The Maurelian Collection
The Spirit of Mississippi
Mary Bertoli: The Art of Czechoslovakia Powers
Nancy Glazer: Sculpture
Marc Rouillard: Watercolors

St. Agnes/St. Dominic Schools: Young Artists
Christina Blanchert-Horan: Sierra Leone
Ruth Prince
Euginia Vookles: Photography
The Sam & Beverly Ross Collection
Carol Buchman

Pam Cobb
The Napoleon Collection
Icons of Russia and Greece
Rollin Michael Kocsis
Billy Price Carroll
Eight Aspects of Nature and Light

Mary Boshwit: Watercolors 
Lafayette Ragsdale: Watercolors

The New Zealand Exhibition

The French Exhibition