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Past CBU Lasallian Fellows

The CBU Lasallian Fellowships are made possible through the generosity of Joyce A. Mollerup (Trustee Emerita) and her husband, Robert (Bob) Buckman (Trustee). According to the Buckmans’ direction, five senior students are selected each year for the distinction of CBU Lasallian Fellow because they embody the values set forth by CBU's founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. These awards are presented based upon the reflection of Lasallian values in their scholarship, leadership, and service. Students are nominated by CBU faculty and staff because of their commitment to the underserved, their sensitivity to social and community needs, the active nature of their faith, and their creative and innovative approach to solving the problems of society and changing the world around them. Each Lasallian Fellow is awarded a one-time stipend upon graduation as a means of perpetuating their work in the community.

The first class of CBU Lasallian Fellows was introduced on January 19, 2010 with the induction and celebration of the Inaugural Class of 2010.

Class of 2018

Allison Allensworth (Psychology), Kenneth Guy (Business Administration, Management), Servando Mireles (Business Administration, Finance), Hannah Schultz (Mathematics), Robert Tworek (Civil Engineering)

Class of 2017

John Buttross (Biology), Taylor Flake (History), RaKesha Gray (Religion & Philosophy), Lauren Jeu (Natural Science), Trey McGinnis (Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering)

Class of 2016

Ian Boyd (English), Mustafa Hmood (History), Sara Swisher (English), Kierra Turner (Business Administration, Finance), Rebecca Wauford (Mechanical Engineering)

Class of 2015

Ronald Fotso (Computer Science), Lauren Harrett Thornton (Civil Engineering), Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering), Shanice Oliver (Business Administration, Marketing), JD Wolfe (Biochemistry)

Class of 2014

Phyo Thoon Htet Aung (Civil Engineering), Anna Birg Mitchell (Biochemistry), Madeline Faber (English), Rebekah Herrman (Mathematics & Physics), Julia Keuter Sleeper (History)

Class of 2013

John Blount (Religion & Philosophy), Lauryn Murphy Cooper (Biology), Taylor Tartera (English for Corporate Communication), Cameron Volpe Fili (Biology), William Zachary (Chemical Engineering)

Class of 2012

Samantha Bownes Gutierrez (Biology), Paige Campbell Browning (Psychology), Andrew Greenop (Mechanical Engineering/Mathematics), Steven Menezes (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science), Samantha Noland (Mechanical Engineering & Philosophy)

Class of 2011

Jenessa Gebers (Psychology), Rachel Haag (Biology), Wesley Hall (Mechanical Engineering), Ashley Jones (Psychology), Kathleen Nelson Goldberg (Biology)

Class of 2010

Leigh Hill (History), Kenneth Latta (Religion & Philosophy), Caroline Mitchell Carrico (History), Ryan Nicolini (Electrical Engineering), Chris Peterson (Religion & Philosophy)