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Paying your tuition is easy to do online. You may pay in full or enroll in a 4-month or 5-month (2-month during summer sessions) payment plan. For complete details about making payments, TouchNet, and payment policies, see the payment details and policies page.

Tuition Payment Deadlines

For summer 2019 sessions the tuition settlement/payment deadlines are: 

  • May 17 for Physician Assistant students
  • May 24 for Full Term (8 weeks) & June Summer Day (5 weeks) students
  • May 31 for all other summer courses with a June start date
  • June 28 for all other summer courses with a July start date

To avoid having classes dropped for non-payment, you must either pay your account in full or enroll in a payment plan and pay the required installment by the deadline each semester.

Tuition Payment Plans

  • 2-month payment plan for summer sessions only - May/June or June/July
  • 5-month payment plan - December 15 through April
  • 4-month payment plan - January 4 through April