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Summer Workshop

PBL-650: Project Based Learning @ 650 East Parkway

K-12 Science & Engineering Workshop For Teachers & Administrators

June 4, 2019 • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM 
Christian Brothers University Nolan Engineering Center 

Sessions Include: 

  • An Introduction to Aviation & Aerodynamics with Dr. Eric Welch
  • Build an Electric Motor with Dr. John Ventura
  • Making Concrete with Dr. Andrew Assadollahi 
  • Boat Making with Dr. Sean June 
  • Papermaking Past and Present with Dr. Randel Price 
  • IBM Activity Kits for All Ages with Dr. James McGuffee 
  • It's a Beautiful World: Environmental Activities for Children with Dr. Cathy Meredith 
  • Stars, Stars Stars! A Workshop About Constellations with Dr. Dona Packer 

Participants will choose to attend four workshop sessions and will receive materials for classroom use as well as a certificate to present to school system for professional development. Continental breakfast and lunch are included for a total cost of $150. Registration is closed (zero seats remaining).

Registration closed.