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Physics (BS)

Whether you want to explore space, time, matter or the many other unique elements of our world, a Physics degree can take you just about anywhere. At CBU, you will develop skills in problem solving, mathematical proficiency, data analysis, and mathematical modeling, which are highly sought after across a wide spectrum of science and industry.

You also will acquire the ability to present and explain complex ideas as you move through this fascinating study. CBU offers a small college experience with research opportunities at large research institutions through national and regional summer programs.

Program Highlights

  • Wide range of areas of physics including mechanics, electricity and magnetism, special relativity, quantum mechanics, optics, solid state, and thermal physics
  • Easy access to other courses in the School of Sciences and the School of Engineering for electives or minors
  • Labs taught by faculty who coordinate the lab experiences with ideas taught in class lectures
  • Combination of in-class instruction, in-class demonstrations, computer-assisted homework, and laboratory experiments
  • Strong preparation for graduate school

What You’ll Study

The Physics major requires 122 credit hours. You’ll take CBU general education and liberal arts courses, School of Sciences Support Requirements, plus courses in:

  • Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Quantum theory
  • Special relativity
  • Thermal physics
  • Optics
  • Solid-state physics

A capstone research project is required.

The academic catalog lists course requirements for this program.

Physics Minor

The Physics minor requires 12 credits of introductory physics and 9 additional credits of upper level physics courses.


According to the American Institute of Physics, the average salary for a college graduate with a BS in physics is 14 percent more than for other degrees. Following are possible career paths for physics majors:

  • Sciences
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Climatology and meteorology
  • Education
  • Aeronautics
  • Military development
  • Public research


Physics faculty are highly-credentialed, experienced teachers who will provide a rewarding academic experience for you. They will be dedicated mentors to guide you during your time at CBU.

Clubs and Organizations

You can enrich your classroom experiences with membership in the CBU chapter of the Society of Physics Students, the national organization for physics students.

Is a Physics Major for You?

If you have interest in more than one or two of these skills and interests, a Physics major may be for you:

  • Mathematics
  • Problem solving
  • Scientific principles
  • Physical world at particle or cosmic level

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Dr. John A. Varriano, chair,, or 901-321-3439

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