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PLA Portfolio Course

An accelerated course that will help students identify areas of learning they may want to have evaluated for college‐level equivalency. The course will also guide students through the preparation and compilation of all components required for the evaluation of a portfolio of prior learning. The online course is provided through the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning.

  • Prerequisites: Sophomore Standing, ENG/110, ENG/120, MIS/153
  • This course will count as 3 credits of elective credit and includes one portfolio submission. This is a 6-week online course.
  • Cost: Standard Tuition- $1215.00
  • During the course, students will:

Who is a good fit for this credit option?

  • Students with availability in their degree plan to earn college credit via portfolio
  • Students with several (at least 5) years of professional experience in an applied area that aligns with college coursework (communications, management, IT, healthcare, etc.)
  • Students who have completed at least 1 other online course or have technical literacy skills
  • Students who feel comfortable writing a 5-10 page paper detailing their learning and expertise on the course topics