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Soccer Playoffs Power Rankings

Competitive League

1. TKE 1: TKE 1 is going into the final week of regular season 4 and 0; while they had some controversy along the way and lost their top scorer, TKE 1 has gathered itself and produced a pretty solid offensive line up to make up for what they lost.  Aaron Lazalde, Joseph Hale, and Felipe Souza have shown that they have what it takes to step up and carry this team,  now all they have to do is make it to the championship.

2. FC BAYERN: FC Bayern advances into the final week of regular season competition 3-1-1.  They’ve played the most games out of all the teams in the competitive league so far, and they managed to keep the one they lost within one. With one final regular season game before playoffs, FC Bayern has a strong shot at one of the top sedes in the playoff bracket.  Between the offensive powerhouses Luis Bautista, Horacio Garcia, and Vincent Debacco, scoring is not an issue.  FC Bayern is the team to watch.

 3. VITAMIN FC: Vitamin FC heads into the final week of regular season 2-2, they have, by far, the most quick feet of any team out there.  With captain Hozyer Saeed leading his team in goals per game, and Franklin Paz and Juan Montoya close behind, Vitamin FC excels offensively.  While not every game has gone their way, this band of athletes are fully prepared to take over and make their way to the championship.

4. LIQUORPOOL FC: Liquorpool FC heads into the final week of play 2-1-0, with two victories and a tie under their belt, this group of basketball players has adapted well to the change in game play.  While they may not have a deep bench, this group of eight has done a great job at keeping the ball out of their goal. Leading the pack, Alex Trentman has been consistent offensively with two goals a game; after him, Jeff Larkin comes in a close second with one goal a game.  Liquorpool FC is in perfect position to finish out the season in good standings to allow them a good postseason rank.

5. KAPPA SIGMA: Kappa Sig is heading into the last week of regular season 2 and 1, they have three games left in regular season before playoffs start next week. They have a full roster at their disposal, an advantage that not many teams in this league can match.  Kappa Sig is in a great position, they can keep fresh legs in the game, just as the season is drawing to a close and many teams begin to tire.   With CBU men’s soccer retiree Sam Wilson leading the pack with four goals, Kappa Sig may be able to outrun the other teams and make their way to a championship.

6. PALLers: The PALLers are heading into their last regular season game 1-4, but don’t let that record fool you.  These grad students have competed like age is just a number; with Bill Clark and Katey Gray leading them on offense, and Kristen Kaplon leading them on the defensive end, talent is not an issue to worry about for the PALLers.  They have a strong bench and sub more than any other team in the league, and these subs don’t miss a beat,  this is not a team to sleep on just yet.

Women's League 

1. BALL BUSTERS: The Ball Busters make their way into playoff week 2-0 and with a first round bye.  After taking some time to adjust from dribbling the ball with their feet instead of their hands, these basketball girls are taking over the Women’s League.  With Alexis Haddock averaging four goals a game, and Ashley Schaefer  by her side averaging another goal, the Ball Busters may have just the right amount of offensive finesse to make up for what they lack on the defensive end. 

2. ZTA: Zeta is once again going into the playoffs in the middle of the pack.  While they started off slow, they are now 1-1 with a recent victory over AxiD.  Zeta is the team to watch right now, are they peaking at just the right time?  While they only have five players on their roster, two are CBU women’s soccer retirees: Maddie Cobb and Ciara Stevens.  These ladies obviously have the skill to go all the way in the playoffs, but do they have the manpower?

3. AXiD: AXiD heads into the playoffs 0-2 but don’t overlook them just yet, these ladies have a full roster, an advantage that the other two teams lack.  They are able to maintain a high level of energy throughout the game, and with McKenzie Brower, offensive sensation, in the front and Connor Knott, goalie extraordinaire, guarding the goal, these ladies may have the resiliency it takes to fight back to the top this soccer season.

Recreational League

1. TKE 2:  Right in the middle, TKE 2 heads into play off week 1-1. Outscoring their opponent seven to zero in their last victory, TKE 2 is beginning to gain their confidence back after the shutout defeat they suffered at the beginning of the season.  Armed on the offensive end with scorers Jacob Beaty and Matthew Canon, these TKES may have just what it takes to succeed in the playoffs this season.

 2. THETA TAU: These engineers just secured the victory of the first round of playoffs this season.  At 2-1 and with their last two games being victories, Theta Tau has the momentum it needs to perform well in the championship game next week.  Offensively they are looking solid with Aryanne Johnson averaging two goals a game and Robert Tworek tacking on another, these Engineers have the offensive skill necessary to compete in the Recreation League Championship

3. HONORS: Honors head into the final round of playoffs 1 and 2, while they have been struggling on the offensive end, they make up for in grit.  Defensively, Honors has managed to keep the score low; with Captain, Sean Rowland, leading his team of underdogs, they may be able to fly under the radar throughout the rest of the season and manage to pull out a victory.

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