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Pre-Health Programs

CBU has a well-established program to assist students in preparing for and then applying to a variety of graduate level clinical healthcare programs, including the following:






Physical Therapy

Physician Assistant

Veterinary Medicine 

In each of the above cases, Admissions Committees are looking for applicants that show promise to serve as role models for their peers and as healthcare professionals for their patients.  The qualities that Admissions Committees seek, therefore, including the following:


  • scholarship, i.e., you demonstrate some intellectual wattage in your performance on the appropriate national exam and in your GPA; 
  • accomplishments, i.e. you show some ambition.   Most majors at CBU require the completion of a senior project, which is small enough to be completed within the constraints of time, but comprehensive enough to get something meaningful out of the experience; 
  • intellectual curiosity, because much of what you learn in the professional studies of your choice will be outdated within 5-10 years; 
  • emotional maturity, because you will be interacting with patients who will be scared and emotionally vulnerable; 
  • character, because these professions require a considerable amount of time for preparation, and you must have the "stick-to-it-iveness" to persevere; 
  • interest in medicine, because if the only reason you're in it is for the money, then it's a lousy way to make a living; 
  • sensitivity to others, because your patients may engage in behaviors of which you don't approve, yet they still deserve your attention and help; 
  • communication skills:  You may know what the problem is and the solution are, but the fact is that most of your patients, and most of their significant others are functionally illiterate.  In order to gain their trust and in order for them to follow the correct protocol, you must use language that is appropriate for them; 
  • critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  You are, after all, a detective, whose mission is to find out what the problem is and to find the appropriate course of action; 
  • sense of caring for others and a commitment to service, because healthcare professions are very demanding. 

The results have been impressive - see our five year "success stats".


CBU's Director of the Pre-Professional Health Programs is Dr. Stan Eisen.  He has created the following web pages to provide basic information about health programs, what they are and what it takes to get into them.  In particular, there is a wealth of information on his Health Career Guide page.


Sources of information about health-related careers:

· Health Careers -- - A guide to health-related professional school programs and prerequisites, web sites, e-mail and physical addresses.  

· Caduceus Newsletter --  – A weekly newsletter on current events, opportunities, and announcements pertaining to the health professions

· Financial aid and resources for students in health-related graduate programs --–  The average indebtedness of a person graduating from medical school is $200,000. Other clinical healthcare-related professional schools are similar. Here are some options for paying for this.

· Acceptance rates for health-related professional schools, or, "If it were that easy, everybody would be doing it." 

· Advice to pre-meds, from people who have “been there, done that.” --

· Campus Events pertaining to Preprofessional Health Programs --

· What Makes an “Ideal” Healthcare Provider?: From

·, or is an excellent source of information for students interested in any type of health-related career.

· World Wide Web Sites Related to the Health Professions -- 




Information about national exams:  Test descriptions and dates –

·       MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)


·       OAT (Optometry Admission Test)


·       PCAT (Pharmacy Admission Test)


·       DAT (Dental Admission Test)


·       GRE (Graduate Record Exam)


Application services

·       Allopathic Medical College Application Service ( )


·       Osteopathic Medical College Application Service ( )


·       Pharmacy College Application Service ( )


·        Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service


·       Veterinary Medical College Application Service ( )




The application process

Notes on the application process:

AAMC Timeline for Application/Admission. (This timeline is equally appropriate for other clinical health-related graduate programs.) --


Having an interview?

· Interview FAQ's

· Special edition of the Caduceus Newsletter pertaining to interviews:

Need help writing your personal statement? Reprinted with Permission from the Summer 1997 issue of The Advisor.

If you’re applying to a health-related program, then you need a Plan B in case you are turned down:


Interested in doing volunteer work?  Here are some local opportunities:

1) LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center:
2) Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital:
3) Baptist Memorial Hospital:
4) Methodist Healthcare:
5) Church Health Center (an excellent work experience.  The Church Health Center provides healthcare benefits to the working under-insured:


Internships and gap year alternatives

· PhysAssist Scribes –

· Church Health Center Internship Program:

· Church Health Center Scholars Program:

· Research Associates Program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center:

· Health Leads Advocates:


Information about international medical missions

· The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) has a useful database of international programs at


· Children Family Health International --

· GHO (Global Health Outreach --

Contact information:


Dr. Stan Eisen, Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs
phone:  901-321-3447