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Prior Learning Assessment

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The College of Adult Professional Studies offers a six-week online course that provides you with the guidance and structure needed to prepare Learning Portfolios that reflect the knowledge and expertise you have learned outside of the classroom. Your completed Portfolio will then be assessed, and credits will be awarded based on whether your knowledge matches what you would have learned in college courses. The credits you earn may be directly applied to your degree. 

The class (course description below) and portfolio process is organized through the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), and portfolios are assessed by trained faculty around the country who specialize in the particular subject area. A report will be issued with a determination on how much credit will be awarded.

An accelerated course that will help CAPS students identify areas of learning they may want to have evaluated for college‐level equivalence. The course will also guide students through the preparation and completion of all components required for the evaluation of a portfolio of prior learning. LEARN MORE!