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Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Psychology

If you’re an adult learner looking for colleges with psychology programs in Tennessee, contact Christian Brothers University. We offer four types of psychology degrees at our campus in Memphis, TN.

At CBU, we understand the practical needs of working adults and know that your time may be divided between work, school, and family responsibilities. Our degree completion programs are designed with you in mind.

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Psychology provides fundamentals of psychology, with focus in areas of demand and growth potential with concentrations in:

What is Professional Psychology?

No matter which area of psychology you study, the primary focus lies in discovering the root cause of human behavior. The career path is different, however. Counseling psychologists treat people while graduates with a degree in professional psychology use their knowledge for business applications.


The degree programs have been redesigned to include those courses you can use to build your career. The B.A. in Professional Psychology provides a variety of elective courses to choose from, which makes it possible to transfer in more credit hours from your previous academic experiences and make achieving your goal of degree completion as convenient as possible.


As an adult learner, your time is valuable. Courses will be delivered using hybrid/blended and/or online formats. The hybrid format combines classroom and online instruction, minimizing the time you spend in the classroom. This means you could potentially take 12 semester hours (six hours per eight-week term) and still meet just one night per week at our campus in Memphis, TN.

For more information about our degrees in psychology, please contact the College of Adult Professional Studies at (901) 321-3291.