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CBU Recruitment Process

When it is determined that an additional or replacement position is to be filled, the following steps must be followed to ensure that the employee is paid promptly, their record is set up for the various areas to process the new hire, and the University is in compliance with various federal and state regulations and laws.  The recruitment process applies to all full-time, part-time, temporary, staff and faculty positions, but does not apply to adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, student interns, student workers or student work study. All paid positions, however, must report to the Human Resources Department prior to beginning any work assignment to complete the required paperwork.

Recruitment Process:

  1. Complete a Personnel Authorization Form (PAF) in Hirezon
  2. HR will contact manager for an In-take meeting
  3. HR posts position in Hirezon and CBU jobs page
  4. Hiring Manager screens and interviews potential candidates (HR Included, as Needed)
  5. Hiring Manager selects final candidate
  6. Hiring Manager contacts HR to discuss and/or negotiate salary
  7. Hiring Manager extends a verbal contingent offer, and communicate the start date to new hire
  8. HR initiates background search and forwards contingent Offer Letter (Staff Positions Only. Academic Affairs produces Faculty contracts)
  9. Once background search clears, hiring manager initiates Payroll Status Form (PSF) in Hirezon and HR schedules completion of Day 1 process, i.e. I9, W4, Benefits, DD, email/voicemail (ITS)
  10. Once PSF is complete, hiring manager initiates departmental on-boarding, i.e. Campus Safety for ID/Parking, etc.

Step 1: Complete a Personnel Authorization Form (Hirezon) along with a job description.  An electronic version of the Personnel Authorization Form is available on the internet The form requires approval from:

  1. Chair or Supervisor, if applicable (Originator)
  2. Dean or Department Head (if applicable)
  3. Supervising Vice President
  4. Director Human Resources
  5. CFO/VP Administration & Finance

Step 2: Once the approved Hirezon Personnel Authorization Form (PAF) has been received by the Human Resources Department (HR), the position will be set-up in Hirezon for recruitment. An electronic version of the Job Description for posting will be required. HR will contact the hiring manager to discuss the position and/or schedule an intake meeting.   If you want to place an external ad, the hiring department should provide the ad copy and the appropriate org/account to charge the advertisement expense and contact information regarding the advertising source. 

Step 3: HR will post the position electronically in Hirezon, CBU web site, as well as the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD). Designated managers will be provided access to screen and review candidates in Hirezon.  Hiring managers must provide a list of individuals on the search committee requiring candidate ‘viewing’ access in Hirezon.  If applicable, HR will request a print or online ad from designated external recruitment sites (if approved).  Each hiring department will be charged for the cost for placing outside ad(s).

Step 4: HR will assist the department in the screening of applicants depending on the needs of the department. The department head or search committee will then determine which candidates are to be interviewed for the position. All applicants who are chosen for an interview MUST COMPLETE A CBU JOB APPLICATION online prior to an interview. Completion of the CBU Application provides the necessary confirmation from the applicant that they have provided complete and accurate information on the application, they will abide by CBU’s policies and that CBU is an “at will” employer. Once all interviews for the position have been completed, the hiring manager will notify HR of a final selection. 

Step 5: Once the candidate selection is finalized, the hiring manager will then contact Human Resources to discuss and/or negotiate salary, extend a contingent offer, and communicate the start date for each new hire. All candidate offers are contingent upon a successful background and reference checks. Once the candidate accepts the position and a start date is established, the supervisor/department head should schedule the new employee with an appointment with HR for instructions prior to, or by, their first day of employment.

Step 6: HR will complete all applicable candidate background checks (criminal background check*, MVR, previous employer, credit report, etc.). CBU requires all final candidates who are being considered for an offer of employment to complete the necessary FCRA release forms and to submit to a criminal background check. Any candidate who is not offered employment due to the results of the criminal background check will be advised of their FCRA rights of appeal.

Once the candidate background search has successfully cleared, a completed PAYROLL STATUS FORM (PSF) should be initiated in Hirezon and should be sent through for the appropriate approvals. The hiring manager will be systematically notified of a completed and approved Payroll Status Form.  An electronic version of the Payroll Status Form is available at The form requires approval from:

  1. Chair or Supervisor, if applicable (Originator)
  2. Dean or Department Head (if applicable)
  3. Supervising VP
  4. Director Human Resources
  5. CFO/VP Administration & Finance

Step 7: All new employees MUST COME TO HR (including adjunct faculty, work study students, paid student interns, graduate assistants or any other paid employees) for completion of their employment documents, prior to starting work, or on the first day of employment before beginning work. Please ensure the new employee understands that he/she should bring either their unexpired passport or their unexpired driver’s license AND their original Social Security Card* (or original certified copy of their birth certificate) to complete the I-9 process. A Human Resources representative must see the original documents. All employees must complete various new hire and benefits enrollment forms (if eligible). Note: FT Employees are eligible for CBU benefits (or employees who work 30 or more hours per week).

Step 8: Once the Payroll Status Form is complete, HR will enter the information into Banner to secure an ID# and contact ITS to secure an email address (if applicable), phone, etc. Hiring Managers should contact Marketing and Communications to add new employees to the on-line directory (if applicable).  

Step 9: The hiring manager is responsible for providing an ITS inventory (for various CBU systems access, log-ins, and passwords, assign computer and printer hardware, etc.) and sending the employee to Campus Safety to secure an employee ID, parking decal, etc. on or before their first day of employment.

Step 10: The hiring manager should issue any University controlled assets such as keys, uniforms, equipment, etc. and keep a record of what is issued to the employee. 

Special Note: Human Resources is available to assist the hiring department with any steps in the hiring process or to provide guidance or input into any hiring decision.  Any deviation from the Hiring Process should be discussed and approved by Human Resources.

*There are various documents that can be used to establish work authorization. For a full list, contact the Human Resources Department and request a blank copy of the I-9 Form.