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Rental and Price Match

CBU Bookstore Helps Students Save Big with Rental and Price Match

Bookstore is helping to make college more affordable for students this spring with two major cost-saving initiatives, text rental and price match.

Text Rental

  • Follett's text rental program is now the largest university textbook rental program.
  • Last fall, Follett's text rental program saved students $100 million.
  • Rental texts offer discounts of up to 80 percent compared to purchasing new.
  • Follett's risk-free rental policies allow highlighting, note taking and converting the rental to purchase.

Price Match

  • Follett has expanded its Price Match program across its campus store network to include CBU Bookstore.
  • Price Match gives students confidence that CBU Bookstore is providing access to all required course materials at the lowest price possible.
  • If students find course material that they purchased at the campus store advertised at a lower price from a competing retailer, they are eligible to receive the difference from the campus store.
  • Price Match allows students to apply price match funds to supplies or other needed materials available the campus store.

Driving Access and Affordability

  • With more than 1,200 campus stores and 1,600 virtual stores, Follett's programs are making a big impact on college affordability and access for students nationwide.
  • Follett offers the largest inventory of used books in the industry and a huge rental library.
  • The combination of Follett's Text Rental and Price Match programs help cut costs and ensure hassle-free access to needed course materials.
  • In total, Follett's text rental program has saved students nationwide more than $1 billion