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The Rosa DealSchool of Arts

Undergraduate Programs

The following academic programs are available through the Rosa Deal School of Arts. Please do not hesitate to contact a Faculty or Staff Member if you have any questions. For specific Program Paradigms, please consult the Academic Catalog. 

 Area of Study  Major   Minor   Concentration 
 American Studies    
 Applied Psychology    
 Art Therapy    
 Child Development    
 Cognitive Neuroscience    
 Consumer Behavior    
 Creative Writing  
 Cultural Studies    
 Early Childhood Education    
 Engineering Psychology    
 English for Corporate Communication    
 Foreign Language    
 Global Studies    
 Graphic Design  
 Industrial Organizational Psychology    
 Liberal Studies    
 Peace Studies    
 Political Science    
 Religion & Philosophy    
 Religious Studies  
 Special Education    
 Studio Art    
 Sustainability Studies    
 Theatre Arts    
 Visual Art  
 Women's & Gender Studies