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Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual assault, sexual misconduct and “having sex” are not the same. 

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct are acts of hostility, power, control, degradation and violence: not passion. They are attempts to control and degrade others using sex and sexual acts as weapons. Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault or sexual misconduct, including women, men, and children. Perpetrators of sexual assault may be anyone: a stranger, a recent acquaintance, or someone known for a long time.

Christian Brothers University insists that all members of its community shall be able to pursue their interests free from sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, and other forms of sexual harassment. This policy pertains to incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct between students or where the respondent to an investigation is a student. To report a possible violation of this policy when the alleged perpetrator is a faculty or staff member, contact the Director of Human Resources at (901) 321-3474.