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SHRM Certification Prep Sessions

Human Resources Certification: SHRM Learning System

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The SHRM® Learning System is an instructor-led program that offers experienced human resources professionals an opportunity to review the components of a complete human resources program.

Next Generation SHRM Certification

The SHRM certification recognizes that HR professionals are at the core of leading organizational success. It is built upon one singular body of knowledge designed to elevate the HR profession around the world. It ensures that the HR professional possesses the relevant HR knowledge required for today’s workplace, but it goes one step further. The SHRM certification tests the HR professional’s competencies – the ability to put knowledge to work through critical thinking and application.    

Benefits and Features:   

  • Universal Skills and Recognition: The SHRM certification is relevant worldwide, giving professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere.  
  • Knowledge and Competency: SHRM certification tests HR knowledge as well as competency to ensure the professional’s ability to demonstrate not only what they know, but what they can do with this knowledge in situations they encounter.    
  • Developed with Employers in Mind: SHRM certification is based on in-depth research focused on and supported by global employers and business leaders and reflects what HR professionals need to know to lead the profession.   
  • Expanded Eligibility and Inclusivity: SHRM certification recognizes the diversity in the HR profession. The eligibility requirements are more reflective of HR roles, the cost of the exam is lower and the test windows have been extended for better accessibility and flexibility.   
  • Focus on You: SHRM certification is your credential, based on the current HR landscape. This certification is 100% focused on the knowledge and competencies all HR professionals need to lead in today’s global business community.                                               


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