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Spotlight Andrew Diener

Dr. Andrew Diener

Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Length of service at CBU: Dr. Diener has been teaching at CBU since 2001.

Courses taught: Dr. Diener regularly teaches Math 107 Functions, Math 110 Trigonometry,  Math 106 Applied Math with an Introduction to Calculus, Math 131 Calculus I.

Other courses recently taught: Math 103 Fundamentals of Algebra; Math 105 Finite Math; Math 132 Calculus II; Math 201 Applied Statistics; and Math 232 Calculus III.

Formal Education: Dr. Diener has a BA in mathematics from St. Marys University of San Antonio and a Masters and Ph.D. (both in mathematics) from Texas A&M University.

Background: Dr. Diener grew up on a small farm in central Illinois near a village named Arthur. He did a variety of blue collar things such as farming, wood working, carpentry and shoe repair. He was also a small business owner/operator for about five years. He moved to San Antonio, Texas where he operated as a tour guide for several years. At this time he became aware of Pell grants, community colleges and GED's. From 1987 to 1999 he was a professional student.

Professional interests: Dr. Diener is interested in the teaching of mathematics. He hopes to become more involved in the process of teaching future educators of mathematics. He is also very interested in the intersection of mathematics, biology and computer science.

Interests: Dr. Diener enjoys watching NBA Basketball and he plays computer games but most of his free time is spent reading. He will read almost anything but at the top of his list is Science Fiction. He also likes mystery novels. An evening spent playing Dungeons and Dragons (or some other role playing game) is something else that he considers time well spent.

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