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Spotlight Arthur Yanushka

Dr. Arthur Yanushka

Title: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Length of service at CBU: Dr. Yanushka has been at CBU since 1977.

Courses taught: Dr. Yanushka has taught most of the mathematics and most of the computer science courses offered at CBU at one time or another.

Formal Education: Dr. Yanushka attended Regis High School, "an endowed school for boys conducted by the Jesuits." It charges no tuition. It is located in the Silk Stocking district of Manhattan, on 84 St. between Park and Madison Avenues, three blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He attended Fordham University, another Jesuit school, in the Bronx, another borough of NYC, across the street from the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx Botanical Garden. He did his graduate work at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana where he earned his Ph.D. in mathematics in four years.

Background: Each of Dr. Yanushka's 4 grandparents arrived at Ellis Island from Lithuania between 1910 and 1916. Each resided in New York City. Each of his parents was fluent in Lithuanian. Dr. Yanushka grew up in Queens, a borough of NYC and has 4 married sisters. "Because of a statistically invalid lottery drawing in which most birthdays in December, which includes mine, received high numbers, I avoided the military draft for service in the Vietnam war."

Professional Interests: Dr. Yanushka spent two years as a post doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and one year as a temporary faculty member at Kansas State University in Manhattan (Kansas). He arrived at CBU the year Elvis died (1977). During the 1980s Dr. Yanushka started the computer science program at CBU. In 1986 he used his sabbatical to earn a master's degree in computer science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Suffolk county, about 90 miles from NYC. Recently, he served on the ad hoc committee to reform general education, and on the Curriculum Committee which is working to implement the reforms.

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