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Spotlight Br. Joel Baumeyer

Br. Joel Baumeyer

Br. Joel retired from full time teaching after the 2004-2005 academic year, and now serves as the Director of the Math Center. 

Title: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Director of the Math Center

Length of service at CBU: Br. Joel has been teaching at CBU since 1979.

Formal Education: Br. Joel has earned his B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Education from St Mary's College, MN; his M.Ed. from St. Mary's College, MN; his M.A. in Religious Studies, Moral Theology and Counseling from St. Louis University, MO; and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from St. Louis University, MO.

Professional Interests: History of Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Br. Joel has taught for 20 years in high school and now over 35 yeas in college.

Background: He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He joined the Brothers of the Christian Schools right after graduating from high school and has just celebrated his 60th anniversary as a member of the Brothers.

Service interests: He has been reading for the visually impaired on radio station WYPL, a service of the Memphis & Shelby County Public Library, since 1981. He has worked with children at De La Salle - Blessed Sacrament School, helping them with their reading and math. He has worked with teacher education programs and with Saturday Academy.  He has been active as moderator for the fraternity TKE for many years and has been backing the Cross Country team at CBU since its inception. He makes it a point to be available to students in the evening to help them.

Interests: He is an avid music listener and has a substantial CD collection basically in classical music and popular music from the 40's to the 80's. He likes to read classic literature and good science fiction when he has the time. He ran 3 to 4 miles daily for 28 years, swims almost every other day, likes to sail when possible, bicycles and plays tennis.

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