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Spotlight Cathy Grilli

Ms. Cathy W. Grilli

Title: Professor of Mathematics.

Courses regularly taught:  Math 117 Precalculus ; and Math 129 Functions and Engineering Calculus, Math 132 Calculus II, Math 162 Health Science Applications of Algebra and Statistics.

Other Courses recently taugt: Math 105 Finite Mathematics; Math 131 Calculus I; Math 232 Calculus III; Math 309 Probability; and Math 405 Discrete Mathematics.

Length of service at CBU: Ms. Grilli has been teaching at CBU since 1986.

Formal Education: Ms. Grilli earned her B.A. and an M.A. in mathematics from the University of Mississippi.

Professional Interests: Her professional interests are in mathematics education. Her recent work has concentrated on attracting non-majors to the benefits of learning and using mathematics. When attending workshops and conferences, she looks for things that she can incorporate in her classes to make math more accessible. Calculator-based laboratories are one such vehicle. Recent workshops include: Viewpoints – integrating mathematics and art; Teachmap – teaching introductory mathematics through applications, and MAA’s Mathematics and Biology – introducing current research projects where biologists and mathematicians collaborate.

Background:  She was born and raised in Memphis. She attended school at Immaculate Conception for twelve years. Before coming to Christian Brothers University, she taught mathematics at Millsaps College and Rhodes College.

Interests: She enjoys water sports including swimming and boating. Although her skill level isn’t high, she enjoys both water and snow skiing when the opportunities arise. Any of these activities are enhanced if they include any of her 18 nieces and nephews. In fact, her most important interest is anything involving her nieces and nephews. Enjoyable activities with them range from watching their sporting events to helping with their math homework!

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