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Spotlight Mary Ogilvie

Dr. Mary Oglivie

Title: Professor of Biology.
Winner of the 2006 Lasallian Educator of the Year award. Winner of the 2015 NAB Teaching Excellence Award

Length of service at CBU: Dr. Ogilvie has been teaching at CBU since 1991.

Courses regularly taught: Principles of Biology I and II (BIOL 111) and (BIOL 112) lecture and lab; Biology Seminar (BIOL 362); Immunology (BIOL 415) lecture and lab; and Cell/Molecular Biology (BIOL 421) lecture and lab.

Background: Dr. Ogilvie moved to Tennessee in 1966 with her family (she was 10) so she's a local girl who never quite picked up the southern accent. Her high school years were spent at Immaculate Conception, where "I grumbled about having to wear pleated, plaid skirts and saddle oxfords." It was there that she began her interest in Biology.

Formal Education: As college years approached, she knew she wanted to major in Biology but wasn't sure about career directions. Choosing to stay near home, she majored in Microbiology at Memphis State. It actually wasn't until grad school (also Memphis State) that she found her calling. Through an assistantship, she taught general biology and Genetics labs and was hooked. She loved the interaction with students and the challenge of explaining difficult concepts in ways that made them understandable. She ended up doing 10 years of research either as a PhD student or a research technician at Memphis State. She earned her Ph.D. in Biololgy in 1991 from Memphis State University.

Professional interests: Dr. Ogilvie's research topic dealt with the cell surface interactions necessary for platelet aggregation. At the time, "I had no idea how much my research skills would help me at CBU as I developed lab experiences for Immunology and Cell/Molecular labs." Since that first semester, she has added some courses to her repertoire including Cell and Molecular Biology and Seminars in Biology. She has written both Immunology and Cell and Molecular lab manuals for her courses. They are constant works in progress as she continue to update lab experiments and develop new ones.

Service: Currently, Dr. Ogilvie is the faculty advisor for Beta Beta Beta, the honorary Biology Society. She enjoys working closely with the 10 officers and Committee chairs for Tri Beta.

"After so many years at CBU, I can say that being an Associate Professor of Biology is my dream job. Beside the fact that I have summers off and a nice long Christmas break, I thrive on the autonomy of being a college professor and the chance to work with college students. Our students are bright and willing to be challenged. By the time they hit college, they also have a great sense of humor (at least those that laugh at my jokes) and a contagious enthusiasm. I consider myself richly blessed."

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