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Spotlight Pascal Bedrossian

Dr Pascal Bedrossian

Title: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, and current Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Courses regularly taught: CS 234 Fundamentals of Computer Science II ; Math 129 Functions and Engineering Calculus ; and Math 105 Finite Math.

Other courses recently taught: CS 122 Fundamentals of Computer Science I; Math 106 Applied Math with an Introduction to Calculus; Math 131 Calculus I; and Math 405 Discrete Mathematics.

Length of service at CBU: Dr. Bedrossian has been teaching at CBU since 1991.

Formal Education: Dr. Bedrossian earned his B.S. in electrical engineering (minor in mathematics) from Christian Brothers University; his M.S. in computer science and Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Memphis.

Professional Interests: Dr. Bedrossian is interested in optimization problems related to Graph Theory. He designed and implemented a Final Exam Schedule for CBU that allows for some classes to have a common final exam, while others stay scheduled based on the class meeting time. The schedule does not contain any conflicts and minimizes the number of final exams a student will have to take on any given day during the final exam week.

He was born and raised in Lebanon. He was educated in the Christian Brothers Schools from the first grade to high school. He came to the U.S.A. in 1984 as a student at CBU.

Interests: He likes to play chess. He won the chess championship tournament in Lebanon for ages 18 and under before he came to the U.S.A.

He enjoys to spend time with his wife Kimberly and his children Raymond, Elise, Daniel, and Rachelle.

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