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Spotlight Sandra Davis

Ms. Sandra Davis

Title:  Instructor of Mathematics

Courses regularly taught:  ALG 115 Basic Algebraic Expressions, ALG 120 Algebraic Equations, MATH 103 Fundamentals of Algebra, MATH 105 Finite Math, and MATH 117 Precalculus

Length of service at CBU:  Ms. Davis has been teaching at CBU since the fall of 2000 as an adjunct, and has been teaching full time at CBU since 2010. 

Formal Education:  B.A. in Mathematics (with minor in computer science) from Cameron University in Lawton,OK, and M.S. in Mathematics from Memphis State University.

Background:  She was born in Wuerzburg, Germany, and is a proud Army brat.  After her father retired, she lived in Lawton, Oklahoma until coming to Memphis in 1989 to Attend Memphis State University.  She taught full time at Southwest Tennessee Community College for one year before coming to CBU full time in 2010.

Professional interests:  She is interested in the psychology of teaching mathematics and teaching methods.  She has helped with the development of the algebra hybrid courses at CBU.

Interests:  Among the things she enjoys is traveling to new places, gardening, reading, snow skiing, and scuba diving.  She loves to spend time with her husband, Dwight, and her children:  Daniel and Jennifer.  She has two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and fish.

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