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STARS: Our Story

My daughter and I are recent graduates of CBU. We both had such a wonderful college experience at CBU and I wanted my son, Joseph Jameson, to enjoy his years on campus as well. Most of the best college experiences occur outside of the classroom (e.g., meeting new people, making new friends, etc.). Knowing that students on the Autism spectrum (like Joseph) have difficulty with social interaction, I wanted Joseph to have the social opportunities that other college students might have like joining a club or fraternity/sorority. As Joseph was about to begin his freshman year, I decided that it would be a good idea to start a group on CBU’s campus where students like Joseph could associate and socialize with other students who were on the Autism spectrum or experienced social anxiety and social difficulties. In the fall of 2015, STARS (Students Tackling Autism-Related Syndromes) was created and since its debut, STARS has been recognized by CBU’s Student Life office as the New Student Organization of the Year (2015-2016). The support of STARS by members of the CBU community (faculty, staff, and especially the student involvement) has been absolutely incredible. STARS has truly touched the lives of everyone involved.  — Kimberley Jameson

In the photograph (l-r):
Jessica Jameson, BS, Biology 2014

Joseph Jameson, Junior, elected CBU Homecoming King 2016-2017

Kimberley Jameson, BA, Psychology 2013