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Gadomski School ofEngineering

STEM Activities

Click here for a downloadable copy of Is There an Engineer Inside You? by engineering educator Celeste Baine.

The School of Engineering invites you to participate in our Engineering STEM Activities for college-bound students, their teachers and parents. Some programs are intended for presentation in classrooms or to groups; others are suited to small groups or individual student participation.

Engineering is built on the application of mathematics and the physical sciences, so students who are exposed to engineering activities have an answer to the perennial question “When will I ever use that??” and may become more engaged with their studies. To explore these engineering applications, the CBU School of Engineering provides several activities:

  • Engineering Speakers are available to meet with groups of students and present a variety of engineering topics. Other topics can often be developed to address a specific need or request.
  • Engineering Workshops are afternoon programs designed to familiarize students with one or more aspects of Engineering.
  • Laboratory Tours and Campus Visits can be arranged for small groups. These enable students to see a variety of testing and production equipment used by engineering students.
  • High School Engineering Competitions are held each April. Students create, design, engineer, and build a device (ex. bridge, car, aircraft, tractor, crate, or package) and bring them to the CBU campus for testing.

If any of these activities seem appropriate for you and your students, please contact us at (901)321-3405 or If there are other ways in which we might support your students and their education, please send us your suggestions or contact us to discuss the opportunity.