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Stipends for Schools

Christian Brothers University strongly believes in giving back to its community. To further this mission CBU returns $150.00 back to the school for each course taught through CBU's Dual Enrollment Program. The hope is that the schools can use this money to aid in preparing students for college through professional development for its teachers, purchasing new course materials, curriculum development, and other avenues. The method of distribution is left to the discretion of the school. In order to qualify for the stipend the following must be met.

  1. The teacher must meet SACS qualifications and be an approved faculty adjunct professor through the dual enrollment program at CBU.
  2. The school must employ the instructor of record. Facilitators will not qualify for the stipend.
  3. The money will be paid to the school which employs the teacher.
  4. The course must have at least six students enrolled. Courses with less than six students will receive money at the rate of $25.00 per student in the course.
  5. The method of distribution is at the sole discretion of the school.
  6. The school will be eligible for the stipend after all student accounts for that school have been settled. This includes payment for courses offered on and off the main CBU campus.
  7. Special dual enrollment programs do not qualify for the stipend. Special programs include, but are not limited to, the Bridge Builders program and the Middle College High School program.