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Strategy Vision Map

How to Understand the Strategy Vision Map

In the planning process, four “Themes” emerged as crucial focal points if the university is to grow, thrive, and live our mission: People, Transformational Learning, Strategic Growth and Vitality, and Institutional Story. On the chart below, you can click on each of these themes to read a brief description of what the theme is trying to accomplish. Realization of these goals requires clears metrics to define success, as well as clear steps towards success. Each theme is thus broken down into four levels and a clear objective was established for each level of each theme (moving from the bottom to the top):

Organizational Capacity: The people, the resources, and the physical spaces necessary to realize the theme. In other words, what are the “Who?” the “What?” and the “Where?” required for success? Behind each objective is a set of initiatives to achieve the objective. Click on the objectives in the chart below to see these initiatives. The status of each initiative has been updated to reflect progress as of August 1, 2018.

Internal Processes: The proper processes in place to realize the theme. In other words, what is the “How?” required for success? Behind each objective is a set of initiatives to achieve the objective. Click on the objectives in the chart below to see these initiatives. The status of each initiative has been updated to reflect progress as of August 1, 2018.

Financial Resources: For each objective, we seek to take account of the costs of the theme and/or the financial benefits of the theme. (This level does not contain initiatives as such.)

Stakeholder: What does success look like for those invested in the University, if we accomplish our objectives? The objectives on this level summarize what success looks like. This level is not loaded with initiatives but with metrics that measure success for the theme as a whole. Click on the objectives in the chart below to see general descriptions of our goals. For specific metrics, those with a CBU login can view the document, UPDATED Strategic Plan Outline: Initiatives for the First 18 Months as of August 1, 2018.

  People Transformational Learning Strategic Growth & Vitality Intitutional Story
Stakeholder Faculty & staff engagement Increase high-impact learning experiences Strategically increase overall enrollment Articulate Lasallian identity
Financial Resources Competitive compensation & benefits Invest in student success programs & improve retention Increase tuition revenue and external funding Capital campaign success
Internal Processes Assess & support University services Create a culture of assessment Increase institutional agility for market change Multiply & amplify communication & storytelling channels
Organizational Capacity Recruit & retain talented individuals Expand vibrant academic programs & student experiences Maximize space & facilities for growth Embed Lasallian experience

Phase 1 of the Strategic Plan



“CBU will recruit and retain faculty and staff who continue to develop and improve in their areas of expertise. They will be competitively compensated and evaluated for effectiveness. As a satisfied, motivated, and energized workforce, they will foster a welcoming and engaging campus environment.”

Administrative owner: Ron Brandon, CFO, Vice President for Administration & Finance

18-Month Goals

  1. Develop Benchmark for Faculty and Staff Compensation Goal
    Metric Owner: Pascal Bedrossian
  2. Great Places to Work - Improve “Warrants Attention” scores to “Fair”
    Metric Owner: Earnest Duffie

Internal Processes: Assess & Support University Services

Initiative #1: Fall 2018 - Implement a one-stop-shop for Admissions and student business services, including Registrar, Financial Aid, and Business Office.
Champion: Scott Summers
Initiative Status: 75% Complete

Initiative #2: Spring 2018 - Design an on-boarding program for new employees reflecting CBU culture, values, and Lasallian mission.
Champions: Earnest Duffie and Br. Dominic Ehrmantraut
Initiative Status: Complete

Organizational Capacity: Recruit & Retain Talented Individuals

Initiative #1: Spring 2018 - All employees will have engaged in at least one professional development activity.
Champion: Melissa Andrews
Initiative Status: 80% Complete


Transformational Learning

“All CBU students will have more high-impact, transformational learning experiences that foster personal growth and set them apart in graduate school and the job market. To achieve this, CBU will optimize our current learning spaces, and we will develop and expand our programs to meet student needs. The value and impact of all learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom, will be continuously assessed and improved.”

Administrative owner: Dr. Paul Haught, VP Academic Affairs and Student Life

  18-Month Goals

  1. Improve Freshman to Sophomore retention rates
  2. Improve Freshman to Junior retention rates
    Metric Owner: Cory Major

Internal Processes: Create a Culture of Assessment

Initiative #1: Spring 2018 - All degree programs will have documented and measurable learning objectives.
Champion: Melissa Andrews
Initiative Status: Complete

Initiative #2: Spring 2018 - All program directors will be trained and fully utilizing assessment processes and/or software.
Champion: Melissa Andrews
Initiative Status: 20% Complete

Organizational Capacity: Expand Vibrant Academic Programs and Student Experiences

Initiative #1: Fall 2018 - Implement a pedagogical framework to be utilized across all programs.
Champion: Anthony Trimboli
Initiative Status: Primer document complete. A comprehensive vision statement will follow.

Initiative #2: Fall 2018- Revise and implement a First-Year experience program focused on leadership, personal growth, and interpersonal skills, utilizing individualized strength assessment.
Champion: Cory Major
Initiative Status: Complete


Strategic Growth and Vitality

“CBU will grow its number of students and significantly improve retention rates. CBU will optimize facilities and other support services necessary for success.”

Administrative owners: Dr. Anne Kenworthy, VP Enrollment; Dr. Paul Haught, VP Academic Affairs and Student Life

18-Month Goal

  1. Increase headcount/enrollment Fall 2018
    Metric Owner: Anne Kenworthy

Internal Processes: Increase Institutional Agility for Market Change

Initiative #1: Fall 2018 - Complete program prioritization review to establish enrollment minimums/targets for all programs.
Champions: Paul Haught and Ron Brandon
Initiative Status: 10% complete

Initiative #2: Spring 2018 - Launch enrollment campaign for Nursing and two graduate programs.
Champion: Deborah Blanchard
Initiative Status: Complete

Initiative #3: Fall 2017 - Launch a support and retention program for incoming international students, ESL and others.
Champion: Tim Doyle
Initiative Status: Complete

Organizational Capacity: Maximize Space & Facilities for Growth

Initiative #1: Fall 2017 - Secure $10 million lead gift for the student center project
Champion: Mark Billingsley
Initiative Status: 32% complete

Initiative #2: Fall 2017 - Complete a residential master plan
Champion: Tim Doyle
Initiative Status: Complete

Initiative #3: Build and renovate facilities to enhance student life and learning
Champion: Ron Brandon and Christopher Koch


Institutional Story

“CBU will articulate and cultivate a distinctive narrative of our Catholic and Lasallian institutional identity. This narrative will permeate the academic, social, and spiritual experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and will constitute the foundation of the image of the University to our surrounding communities. Members of the CBU community will embody the Lasallian charism through engaged learning, personal and spiritual growth, and through investments of their time, talent, and treasure in the future of the institution. All members of the CBU community will be able to tell a clear, consistent, and comprehensive story of our University.”

Administrative owners: Mark Billingsley, VP Advancement; Br. Dominic Ehrmantraut, Assistant to the President; Deborah Blanchard, Director, Communications and Marketing

18-Month Goals: Institutional Story Theme

  1. Increase student volunteer hours
    Metric Owner: Tim Doyle
  2. Increase campus giving
    Metric Owner: Mark Billingsley

Internal Processes: Multiply & Amplify Communication & Storytelling Channels

Initiative #1: Spring 2018 - Evaluate mission statement to insure consistency of current and anticipated programs with Lasallian tradition.
Champion: Jack Hargett
Initiative status: Complete. Read CBU’s new mission statement.

Initiative #2: Spring 2018 - Complete Strategic Marketing Plan that supports the Strategic Plan and institutional progress.
Champion: Deborah Blanchard
Initiative Status: 70% Complete

Organizational Capacity: Embed Lasallian Experience

Initiative #1: Spring 2018 - Create a Center for Community Engagement at CBU to coordinate, publicize, and track engagement efforts with and for students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
Champion: Tim Doyle
Initiative Status: Complete

Initiative #2: Fall 2017- Complete a strategic plan for campus ministry.
Champions: Br. Tom Sullivan and Julia Kueter
Initiative Status: 90% Complete