When you live in the Residence Halls, you have the freedom to make your room a real home away from home. It should be a home that you feel comfortable and relaxed in after a long day of classes. For those of you who have never experienced residence hall life, we are including the following suggestions to give you a brief idea of a few ways in which you can enhance your residence hall room.

  • Read the room descriptions and check out the floor plans for your particular residence hall.
  • Bring some special memorabilia and knick-knacks from your room at home. This will make your new room feel more familiar to you.
  • Picture collages from home of your family and friends will not only make you feel more at home in your new surroundings, but it will allow your new roommate and/or suitemates to discover a little more about you as well.
  • Bring some of your favorite posters for the walls.
  • While Stritch Hall and the CBU Apartments are carpeted, the floors of Maurelian Hall and Rozier Hall are not. You may bring area rugs or throw rugs in order to give your room a homier atmosphere. Remember the dimensions of your room when choosing a rug.
  • If you are going to have a roommate you might consider contacting him/her to coordinate what each of you will need to bring (e.g., lamps, pictures, colored items, TVs stereos, refrigerators, etc.).
  • Bring plants to lend atmosphere to your new room.

If you are unsure about specific items or have questions that haven’t been addressed on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Incoming First Year Housing Agreement Moving In: What to Bring and What not to Bring
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