International students on F-1 Visas enrolled at CBU must maintain major medical, repatriation of remains, and medical evacuation insurance coverage throughout enrollment at the University, including periods when students are not registered for classes. Healthcare in the United States can be very expensive and even a short hospital stay can cost thousands of dollars. Some hospitals in the United States will not treat individuals who do not have insurance. This is the reason the University and the U.S. government requires international students to obtain health insurance coverage.

All international students will be automatically enrolled for health insurance under the International Student Protection plan.

Please note that students are charged per semester.

International students who have been approved for graduation will be enrolled in the plan through May 31 during the spring semester of their final year. International students who are not scheduled to graduate will be enrolled in the plan through July 31 during each spring semester.

TermStart DateEnd DateMonthsRateTOTAL
Spring (Graduating Students)1/15/315$102.00$510.00
Spring (All Other Students)1/17/317$102.00$714.00

If you have any health insurance questions, please contact our provider, International Student Protection, at (877) 738-5787 and/or visit their website for more information.

International Student Protection