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School ofSciences

Student Research

At CBU students don't just study science, they do science. In addition to having labs with most science lecture courses, most every science degree has a research requirement in the senior year.

Below is a sample list of students who have recently completed research or internship programs both in and outside Memphis. Be sure to check with individual academic departments for more examples of the exciting work our students do.

  • Hannah Schultz, Mathematics 2018, worked with Br. Tom Sullivan, FSC and Lynda Miller on a project that identified and classified the Lichens of the Ghost River State Natural Area, Fayette County, Tennessee.
  • Ali Crisp, Mathematics & Physics 2018, participated in an REU at Louisians State University in the summer of 2016 where she worked on research in astrophyiscs that focused on the interactions of close bonary stars. Ali presented her research, "Analysis of Close Binary Stars Using the Dark Energy Camera", at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (CUR) in April 2017.
  • Luke Wade, Mathematics & Physics 2018, participated in an REU at the California State University at Fresno in the summer of 2017 where he worked on projects involving Fourier transforms and eigenspaces.
  • George Eason, Physics & Chemical Engineering 2017, investigated the potential use of an inexpensive coil to anneal metals via inductive heating.
  • Kyle Fiornelli, Biology 2017, worked on "A novel technique for assessing biomarkers in snakes" for the Research and Conservation Department at the Memphis Zoo.
  • Jacob Mann, Biology 2017, worked on the "Effects of Microstequim vimineum competitive interactions on focal plant growth and local species diversity" with CBU faculty member Dr. James Moore.
  • John Buttross, Jr., Biology 2017, did award winning research on the "Quantification of amyloid beta in Alzheimer's Disease mouse models" at the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • Nuti M. Desai, Biochemistry 2017, worked on "rAAV targeting GD3 synthase protexts against MPTP-induced nigrostrial destruction and Parkinsonian symptoms" at the University of Tennessee Health Science CEnter
  • Damian Kaminski, Biology 2017, worked on "Amelioration of high glucose induced apoptosis on retinal explants with adipose-derived stem cell conditioned media" at the University of Tennessee Hamilton Eye Institute.