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Summer Class Schedule

Summer School at CBU offers you a whole semester in a month, allowing you to lighten your load and brighten your future! Pick up the courses that you need in your degree track, get some of those Gen Ed requirements out of the way, or just grab a class or two.

For the most current list of courses, please click HERE.

June Session

ACCT 260 Financial Accounting Morgret
ANTH 160 Cultural Anthropology Campbell    
ANTH 351 Sociology of the Family   James    
ART 208 Ceramics I     Ruby    
BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I     Moore    
BIOL 111L Principles of Biology I Lab     TBA
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry I     Young    
CHEM 113L Principles of Chemistry I Lab     Wessel    
CHEM 114 Principles of Chemistry II     TBA    
CHEM 114L Principles of Chemistry II Lab     TBA
CHEM 211     Organic Chemistry I   Young     
CHEM 211L    Organic Chemistry I Lab TBA    
CE 201    Statics     June    
CE 314 Engineering Economy     McGinnis    
ECON 214 Principles of Microeconomics     Epley
ENG 211 Introduction to Literature I   Paul (Online)    
ENG 212 Introduction Literature II  Golightly (Online)    
ENG 371  Business Communication    Gross (Online)    
ENG 450 Contemporary Literature     McGlynn    
FIN 327  Financial Management I   Pitts
MGMT 227  Foundations of Management     Prien
MIS 153 Intro to Computer Business Applications     TBA    
MATH 131  Calculus I    TBA    
MATH 231  Differential Equations     TBA    
ME 202   Dynamics    Shiue    
ME 305  Engineering Thermodynamics I   June    
NSCI 122 The Nature of Light Varriano
NSCI 122L The Nature of Light Lab Varriano
PHIL 322 Medical Ethics Johnson (Online)
PHYS 150 Physics I Holmes
PHYS 150L Physics I Lab Holmes
PHYS 252 Physics III Clarke
PHYS 252L Physics III Lab Clarke
PSYC 105 General Psychology     Vogl    
PSYC 440  Cognitive Psychology  Vogl    
RS 217  Old Testament-Hebrew Scripture    Wallace (Online)    
RS 270  World Religions     Wallace    
SOC 351  Sociology of the Family    James    
SPAN 101  Elementary Spanish I   Gomez-Uroz (Online)    
STAT 221  Elementary Business Statistics     Malmo    


July Session

ART 106 Photoshop Essentials Pena    
ART 205  Beginning Digital Photography      Pena   
BIOL 103     Biology of Addiction         Eisen        
BIOL 103L     Biology of Addiction Lab         Eisen        
BIOL 112     Principles of Biology II     Henson    
BIOL 112L     Principles of Biology II Lab         TBA    
CHEM 114     Principles of Chemistry II     Merat        
CHEM 114L     Principles of Chemistry II Lab      Merat     
CHEM 212     Organic Chemistry II     Parish
CHEM 212L Organic Chemistry II Lab     Wessel               
ECON 215      Principles of Macroeconomics     Epley    
ENG 111         English Composition I         LeBouef Tullia        
ENG 112     English Composition II LeBouef Tullia    
ENG 371       Business Communication        Lukowski (Online)    
MKTG 311   Principles of Marketing  Malmo    
MATH 105   Finite Math    TBA    
MATH 117    Precalculus     TBA         
MATH 132   Calculus II    TBA    
MATH 232    Calculus III     TBA      
PHIL 201        Introduction to Logic Maloney    
PHIL 224    Theories of Human Nature Johnson (Online)    
PHYS 251     Physics II Clarke    
PHYS 251L    Physics II Lab     Clarke    
SPAN 102    Elementary Spanish II Woods (Online)    
STAT 222    Intermediate Business Statistics  Prien