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Sustainability LLC

This interdisciplinary community is open to students of any major or class level with an interest in the environment, urban-community studies, or getting to know Memphis in new ways. Sustainability seeks to make communities more vibrant and just and government and businesses more efficient in a manner that helps protect the environment and our resources so that future generations can enjoy the same quality of life that we do.

Students in this Learning Community will engage with CBU’s Lasallian mission while meeting with business leaders, government officials, and community organizers who make sustainability a focus in their life's work. All students in their first year of membership in this Learning Community (regardless of class level) will take the Fall semester gateway Introduction to Sustainability HUM 210 class (which can count as a Social Science General Education credit for most students). Freshman in this Learning Community also take together a specially-themed, reserved section of English 11 Composition with an “Understanding and Writing Place” theme that counts as a second class toward the Sustainability Minor Field for those students pursuing it.

Through the year students will participate in a number of program activities such as swamp canoeing, hiking and biking trips, local festivals, movies, farmers' market picnics, and working with professionals in the growing Sustainability field.

Students who want to continue for a second year in this Learning Community will pursue the Sustainability Studies minor field, which can be attached to any major, or do a 3-credit Sustainability Internship or Community Service Project with local organizations such as the Federal Express Environmental Program Office, Memphis/Shelby County Government Office of Sustainability, Livable Memphis organization, Shelby Farms Conservancy, GrowMemphis, Caritas Village, or Lichterman Nature Center. They serve as mentors to new Learning Community members by continuing to participate in Sustainability program activities.

For more information or details, call Dr. Ben Jordan at (901) 321-4406 or email