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TEP Application & Materials

Admissions Procedures

Entry into the Program: Candidates should seek entry into the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program by the end of sophomore year. They must have received acceptance into the program before they enroll in ANY 300 or 400 level education course.

Specific steps to be followed:

  • Obtain an application packet from the Teacher Education Office.
  • Complete all parts of the application and return it by the deadline set during the semester.
  • Receive notification of time and date of an interview with the Undergraduate teacher Education Program Committee.
  • Prepare for an interview by studying suggested questions provided in this packet.
  • Meet with the Undergraduate Teacher Education Committee for an interview.
  • Receive written response from the Committee on results of interview and admission into the Program.

General Entry Requirements:

  • The application must be completed and filed with the CBU Department of Education before an interview time will be given to the candidate.Components of the application include general information, biographical information, autobiography essay, philosophy of teaching and learning essay, two letters of recommendation, and verification of test scores as described below.
  •  Candidates must have passed the Core Academic Skills for Educators Test: (5712-Reading; 5722-Writing; 5732-Mathematics):

Reading – 156        Mathematics – 150      Writing - 162

Information can be obtained at www.ets.org. The test may be taken at The University of Memphis’s testing center or through the computerized program as listed with the Praxis information.

**Candidates must also PASS the Content Knowledge Praxis II test for whichever license they are planning to pursue. This is for licensing so it must be taken. SPECIAL ED CANDIDATES DO NOT TAKE CK FOR SPECIAL ED; TAKE THE ONE FOR ELEMENTARY OR MIDDLE INSTEAD (you’ll take the one for SPED while in the program)**

  • Candidates should have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average for admission and must complete the program with a 2.75 cumulative grade point average in the major, all professional education courses, and overall.
  • Candidates will interview with the TEPC, which will evaluate these characteristics: communication skills, people orientation, personal traits, and general promise as a teacher.
  • No Conditional Admittance to TEP!
Undergraduate TEP Application (PDF)
Admissions Testing Information (PDF)
Conceptual Framework (PDF)
Department of Education Policy Handbook (PDF)


Christian Brothers University encourages applicants from diverse economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds to apply for admission to the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program.