The Three Pillars

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The Three Pillars

Professional Development

To prepare for their service as teachers, LANCE participants undergo an intensive teacher-education program designed and administered by Christian Brothers University. The LANCE professional training integrates graduate level coursework with an immersion teaching experience, allowing LANCE teachers to work toward a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) or Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree while teaching full-time in the schools of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis.

Community Life

LANCE teachers live in small communities of four to seven members and together share the many challenges and rewards of beginning teaching. Participants are called to grow together, to support one another, and to challenge each other as they develop personally, professionally, and spiritually. The program offers retreats throughout the year to provide its teachers with skills for building successful communities. In addition, local diocesan resource people and clergy assist the teachers in establishing an effective presence within the local communities.

In addition, as an extension of the community and spirituality pillars, every Thursday, the LANCE community is invited to celebrate Mass with the Brothers community here on campus, followed by dinner at the Brothers' residence. Learn more about the Christian Brothers, the Lasallian tradition, and meet the Brothers here at CBU.

Spiritual Development

LANCE participants are encouraged to develop their own personal spirituality and faith in the context of community, and to share with one another the journey of becoming committed Catholic school teachers. It is the expectation of the program that members of each community together develop their own spiritual and prayer lives, taking into account differing schedules and personal experiences of member of the community. Though participants formally commit themselves to only a brief experience as teachers, LANCE seeks to provide talented individuals with an opportunity to explore teaching as a vocation.